Join Biblical Grace Christian Fellowship in Colorado Springs, CO


Please Reply below, and when we have enough people, we will begin meeting for spiritual Bible study, prayer, and gracious fellowship.

We would love to have you be a part of this communion if you are in doctrinal disagreement with your church (especially if it teaches Lordship Salvation False Gospel), if you have been spiritually unfulfilled in your current church, if you want to meet with biblical and spiritual Free Grace Christian believers in addition to your church, or if you have been unable to find a church or fellowship you want to be a part of.

In His grace,

Curtis Smale

Biblical Grace Christian Fellowship



    • Hello I live in Australia and have no church, we are just in small groups, hard to find like minded christians. i agree with your site, just found it, yes i listen to Roland as well.


      • It was scary to me to realize that there are very few “like-minded Christians.” Scary because many of these people are not saved. Most people in churches, and the churches themselves, teach salvation by faith plus works. The missing piece in the Free Grace movement, though, is living in the love of God, by grace, and living by our identity in Christ.


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