Do You Want to Go to Heaven or Hell When You Die?

God forgives sins that were done against Him—all of our sins.

The Incarnate Son of God suffered, bled, and died, on the cross, out of love, to provide that forgiveness and that release, not for His own sake, but for our benefit.

Then He was buried.

On the third day, He rose from the dead.

But there is more.

In addition to being completely loving and completely giving, God also, terrifyingly, is completely good.

Completely holy.

Having all power.

If you do not receive His grace in Christ, His forgiveness of your sins…

He will -justly- burn you in Hell’s torment for all eternity.

Jesus Himself will.

Simply believe in Jesus and receive the free gift of eternal life right now. John 6:47; 1st Corinthians 15:1-4.

If you do not, you will experience God’s justice against you for your sins, in Hell, forever, starting the minute you die.

God does not want you to be in Hell for all eternity, thirsty, and separate from His love and comfort.

That’s why He sent His Son Jesus for us.

God tells us to preach the Gospel, but also to warn all people of the endless pain and terror and darkness and fear and despair they face if they meet God, at the moment of death, in their self-centered pride and sins: Hell.

Is this fear and coercement?

Is this awful hatred and negativity and disrespect?

No, we all deserve God’s just wrath for our sins.

None of us deserves God’s grace and forgiveness.

But there it is, for the taking.

You can get God’s Everlasting Love, and Heaven—for nothing.

For now.

You are not guaranteed to be alive tomorrow morning.

Humble yourself to God and receive His permanent grace right now by simple faith in Jesus, if you have not already.

God bless you.

Curtis Smale


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