Why People End Up In Hell

The reason people suffer in Hell is because they do all the things you and I complain about that other people do–that you and I do, too! We want justice, just not for ourselves! We tell other people to “go to Hell” never realizing they could legitimately say the same to you and I, with good reason. The reason the divine punishment is so strong is that God is much more holy than we think He is, and you and I are way worse than we think we are. He is the holy Creator of the universe. Take a while to write down every wrong or sinful or evil thing we’ve done, and we’d be here a long time. There is truth and morality in many religions, and much beauty and insight, as well. I agree with you that there are many fine people who are not Christians. In my judgment, that is. But my judgment is not as pure as God’s. God looks at the heart and the motivation for everything we’ve done, and let me tell you, my motivations, even as a Christian, have not all been good! I need God’s ongoing forgiveness, which He has promised. Apart from God’s forgiveness and indwelling, Christian believers are the same as everybody else, if not way worse. Again, people go to Hell because they have committed sins, not because the don’t believe in a particular religion. But, we go to Heaven ~not~ because of our good works, but because of God’s forgiveness. Jesus is great, as you say, and He, not Paul, said, “Most assuredly I say to you, he who believes in Me ~has~ everlasting life.” (John 6:47) Salvation itself is received through a moment of faith in Jesus. Then, by God’s grace and the indwelling Spirit of God, we can live a life of love and goodness, to a greater or lesser degree. Everyone needs God’s forgiveness of their sins and a new life connected with God. We also as humans need transcendent meaning and the guarantee of Heaven at time of death. Through simply believing in Jesus today, you can have the same guarantee of everlasting life and Heaven the moment you die. You will also know God’s love and peace in your soul as you follow His Spirit in your spirit.

Curtis Smale

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