My Answer to Jeffrey about the Omniscience Paradox


The “Omniscience Paradox” exists only in the minds of humans.

God knows whatever is going to happen. God doesn’t sit there and go, “oh, Jeffrey’s going to do this.” Then Jeffrey of his own free will decides to do the opposite. So God never knew what Jeffrey was going to do? I’m guessing that this is what you mean by the omniscience paradox.

A Divine Being who knows everything, knows whatever you’re going to do. A character in a movie can do whatever he wants to do according to the script. The character has “free will” and does whatever he wants.

The viewer who has seen the movie before knows exactly what he’s going to do, before he does it.

There is no paradox.

The “Omniscience Paradox” exists only in the minds of time-bound humans. It implies a confining logic-box that does not take into account all factors.

This does not exist in the mind of God.

Do whatever you want.

God sees the situation from above, and knows all from a position of no-time: eternity.

Curtis Smale

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