How Bad Was This Year’s Flu? Here’s How Bad.

I didn’t sleep at all for two nights in a row, I just laid there, even after taking my trusty Restful Sleep supplement from Whole Foods.

I lost all serenity in my soul, filled with stress and anxiety for about four days. My heart was beating so hard for 6 or 7 days in a row that I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. Left work twice after about a half hour into the day. Zero physical component at all for these four or five days.

Felt claustrophobia on the elevator at work, and near panic at my desk, neither of which I ever get.

Then, after four days, it turned into an upsetting stomachache unlike any I have had before, and I was relieved to realize I might have something physical. Then body-shaking shivering. Then fever. Back and forth. Then diarrhea for almost four straight days so bad I couldn’t go to work or do more than get out of bed to go to the bathroom. Utter exhaustion. No nasal or mucus element at all. Tense and awful the whole time. Some minor body aches.

Then I felt like I was going permanently crazy.

I woke up thinking I was sleeping in my grandparents’ home, completely convinced, but couldn’t figure out how, since they are both dead and no longer live in the house. I looked at my apartment with the lights on and was near hallucinating. Fever dreams? Exhaustion? Horrible dreams, crazy states of mind, awful thoughts, unpleasant moods, repeating thoughts, bad feelings, dizziness, floating feeling, memory and coordination problems. Couldn’t read, couldn’t enjoy music, couldn’t watch movies for days. Absolutely awful.*

My nasal passages dried out last night and I thought I had swallowed my teeth guard or my sleep apnea CPAP nasal connection and was suffocating and choking to death. I woke up in the middle of the night literally screaming, awakened by my own shouting. Tearing that stuff out of my mouth and nose. God have mercy, this was bad, I am not exaggerating.

Lost 7 or 8 days worth of pay from work, which I cannot afford.

Ate absolutely nothing for one day, and practically nothing for several days more.

I think the flu shot suppressed some of the symptoms of the flu but this strain was freaking demonic unbelievable. Like a bad drug trip, even though I’ve never done drugs—except the flu shot. Makes me wonder if these viruses are engineered.

I had something like this a couple of years ago, and blocked it from my mind.

This was worse.

Even regular flu is exponentially worse here in Colorado than back in Wisconsin, probably because of the elevation.

Mentally and emotionally awful beyond words. Mostly due to the duration’s effects.

Thank you to those of you who brought me electrolytes (Don), for returning my movie to Redbox (Nathan), and for your friendship and support, you helped me to get through this ordeal with your calls, emails, kindness, support, encouragement, and prayers (Bob, Wendy, Philippe, Bryan, Mark, Lynn, Nate, Andy, Matt, Linda, Jim, and Renee). This was no ordinary flu at all. I’ve had those many times. This was a (thank God temporary) life-devastating event and medical and psychological emergency. I lost all perspective for four or five days. No exaggeration.

The girl next door, age 25, had this a few days ago and gave a similar emotional report. She said she was completely immobile for three days and had tons of anxiety and stress, not knowing how she was going to survive. Completely anxious and stressed out.

Thank God I am finally getting over it.

If you get it, it might help your stress knowing it is the flu and that it will end, and that you are not permanently losing your mind.

I was very scared through much of it.

I was not near anyone coughing or sounding sick before getting this.

A pharmacist I talked to said this year is very unusual in that it is like an invisible flu.

It is highly airborne, he said.

He said five or six people have died when their heart just shut down, not coughing or sneezing or congested at all.

Several nights I literally thought I was going to die, but I was too exhausted to get up and call 911 if I had a heart attack or stroke.

I did take two natural blood thinners, lecithin and turmeric, for the first time together, to help my leg edema pain, and initially thought that caused this. Probably not.

One of the few really bad things about living alone, you really feel isolated when you are sick, like no one cares.

I hope you do not get this flu.

If you do get it, please let me know and I will help and support you through it, and bring you what you need. (Pedialyte electrolytes, or better yet, Walgreen’s cheaper equivalent.)

Jesus bless you.

Curtis Smale

*I found several Health/Medical sources online that stated that sleeplessness and/or the flu can cause extreme stress and anxiety.


John 6:47



  1. Thank God you made it through this nasty strain. I don’t think I’ve had the flu since I was young and I pray I never get it again, especially this one.

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