Spiritual Maturity vs. Spiritual Immaturity

Because of my own lack of spiritual growth and maturity, and because of the worldliness and money/entertainment/false gospel/legalism/family/success focus of every one of the 30 churches I have attended in recent years, I am listing as best I can what is Christian spiritual maturity and what is spiritual immaturity.

Spiritual Maturity:

Holds the clear and exclusive truth of salvation through faith in Christ as supreme.

Abides in God’s love.

Relies on the fact he or she was crucified with Christ and risen with Christ to a new, holy, perfect, kind, good, loving, identity in Christ.

Realizes that God’s Grace, God’s Word, God’s Spirit, fellowship with other believers, obedience to God, love for others, total forgiveness, and ongoing confession of sins are absolutely necessary for spiritual growth.

Is immovable on the basic truths of the faith.

Is wide-minded and patient on many disputable matters.

Has deep knowledge of Scripture, people, and life.

Has biblical wisdom.

Values God above all.

Highly values fellowship with God.

The words of their daily conversation are truthful and gracious.

Can discern truth from error, good from evil, and real from unreal.

Can graciously talk with a person who is caught in error or sin.

Humility before God and before people.

Tells the Gospel to people.

Gives financially to the work of Jesus’ church.

Their saving faith produces the desire to do good works.

All parts of their life are open to the working of God’s Spirit.

Contentment and satisfaction with what one has materially, as long as basic needs are met.







Lives a life clothed in the righteousness of Christ.

No fear of death. To live is Christ, to die is gain.

Loves those who do not love them back.

Loves enemies.

Can suffer for Christ.

Submits to legitimate authority.

Hard worker.

Rich in good works.



Spiritual Immaturity:

Not founded on Gospel salvation; identity in Christ; and love.

Living like the godless world, not confessing sin, and low interest in spiritual things.

Lack of discernment.

Focus on legalism.

Lack of knowledge of Scripture truth.

An impure thought, word and deed life.


Finding the greatest satisfaction in hobbies, work and family and friends, instead of in God Himself.

Being more identified by one’s political stance than by faith in Jesus and by love, peace, and goodwill.

Self-righteously judging unbelievers for acting like unbelievers.

Basing your peace and satisfaction primarily on your circumstances in this world.

Neglecting church attendance and fellowship and acts of service.

Ungracious judging.

Not standing firm on the basic truths of Scripture.

Curtis Smale

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