“What About All the People Who Never Heard about Jesus?”

One of the first questions that a person has when they come to faith or when they are contemplating faith, is: “What about all the people who never heard about Jesus?”

People want to see how the Christian faith is universal around the world and across time, and I respect that.

I’ve been thinking about this question for many years—decades actually, and reading and listening to all the answers, but the answers never seemed good enough.

A very good answer came to me just now: Jesus said that if He had done miracles in a certain town, they ~would have~ repented in sackcloth and ashes.

~So, He knew what they would’ve done in a situation that never occurred.~

If that is the case, it is obviously the fact that God knows who would believe in Him if the Gospel were presented.

And if you go to a place or to a person that the Holy Spirit prohibits you to go to, you will find that no one comes to faith.

God is ~omniscient.~

—Curtis Smale


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