The Awful, and Wonderful, Truth

The basic truth about life is not hidden or complicated.


It is just extremely repulsive–this is why so many people don’t want to see it. They are in denial.


The truth that people by nature do not want to accept is that, by nature, we are all extremely repulsive to holy God.


All human beings are extremely repulsive to God because of our sins–our breaking of God’s moral law.


Since God is just, there will be a punishment for our sins.


That punishment is called Hell.


You know the anger you feel when someone does something wrong to you? Lies to you, cheats you, whatever?


God feels the same way when you do wrong things, when you sin against Him.


So, by nature, the entire world, every last human being, because of our sins, would go to Hell the minute we died.


Hell is pain and fear and despair. It is a burning terror that never ends. It is being forever shut out from the loving presence of God’s comforts and pleasures, which we enjoy now. It is the wrath of God.


The biggest problem with the world is not that the environment is in trouble.


The biggest problem in the world is the environment we are going to be in if we reject the Savior.


The biggest problem with the world is that it is filled with sinners–you and me.


We sinners are causing most of the the problems here on earth.


We all have a have a face that we show to the world. We all by nature do not want to face the horror of what we really are–evil, nasty, self-centered sinners.


We want others to think well of us. Why? Because we know what we really are and we want to cover up that ugly fact. We wish things weren’t as bad as they are.


We all wish there were no need for a Hell.


We have people we hold up as “heroes” that we think are essentially better than we are.


They are not.


We are all made in the image of God.


And, we are all sinners.


The sin of humans is the greatest problem in the world.


The second repulsive fact is that the default position is: we are all going to Hell to be punished for our moral wrongdoings immediately when we die.


Death is not very scary in itself. It is what lies behind it that scares us: everlasting torment, which is God’s punishment for our sin.


It is not pleasant to think about, so most people reject the facts that all people in the world are sinners, and that everyone in the world is going to Hell if they do not have Christ as their Savior.


But without this faith, we don’t see the truth of why life is often so awful and painful–and meaningless.


See the basic facts about life: God created this beautiful universe. There is truth and a moral law. And all people have broken that moral law.


Our only hope in life is the forgiveness and grace of God given to us by God’s substitutionary blood sacrifice for sin: Jesus Christ.


Overwhelmingly, most people reject Jesus as their Savior. They do not want to see the truth about God. They do not want to see the truth about their sin. They do not want to think about an afterlife spent in Hell. They want to hang onto their pride in the story that they are “good” people.


Worldwide, according to what people say they believe, the number of people who believe in Jesus alone as their Divine Savior is about 11%.


Jesus said that few people will turn to Him in faith to be saved.


God’s offer of salvation is open to all, but percentage-wise, few receive it.


The God who created your brain and who gave you life and consciousness, will punish you for the moral wrongdoings you know you have done, unless you receive His forgiveness that was purchased by the perfect life and also by the sufferings and death and resurrection of Jesus, the incarnate Son of God.


The Bible says that the forgiveness of all past, present and future sins is received instantaneously and permanently, simply through faith in Jesus. Faith in Jesus is putting your faith in Him to save your sinful soul from Hell.


When you believe in Jesus, God will give you a new life, and His Spirit will come to live in you forever.


To summarize: the bad news is we are all sinners headed for Hell because of our sins against God.


The good news (the Gospel), is that Christ died on the cross for our sins, so we could be forgiven and reunited with God now, and enjoy the afterlife forever (Heaven).


We look at the beauty and design of God’s creation and we know there is a God who created it all.


We look at our own lives and the lives of everyone we have ever known and we know that sin and evil are real.


Without Christ, there would be no hope for the afterlife, just a fearful expectation of punishment.


Jesus is the only one who can save you.


We will all meet Jesus face to face one day: either on the day of our death, or on the day He returns bodily to this earth.


Believe in Jesus today–He loves you: He suffered and died for you to pay for your sins so that you can be reunited with God and so that you can go to Heaven when you die.


God bless you.

Curtis Smale

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