Confessing My Sins and Nastiness: the Way to Spiritual Growth


I am guilty of:

God-less pride,

sinful anger,




















as well as every last one of the sins of


gluttony and overeating,





lying and lying to myself,

and hating,

and all of the other motivations and acts of the sinful nature I am forgetting.

And not in some minor imperfection kind of way, as if I am a good person except for a few minor imperfections—what a joke! In a major, this is me, kind of way. It is all the prideful selfish sinful nature. The person I am naturally, by nature.

The person who richly deserves to burn in Hell forever.

The person Christ died for.

But, the more I confess it, the more I am seeing Jesus’ love come through me. Now there’s a true spiritual paradox, and this is why I think this is the grace path to spiritual growth.

If we disidentify with the sinful nature (dying daily to sin) by confessing and apologizing and asking forgiveness for its actions, our actions, then Jesus will live through believers.

It certainly will kill self-righteousness and promote humility!

My sinful nature has been crucified with Christ, all my many sins have been forgiven by the shed blood of Jesus (past, present, and future), and I am a new person, in Christ.

If I am a new person in Christ, indwelled by Christ, then I am not afraid to disidentify with the sinful nature and live in peace, freedom, and creativity—as the new person Jesus has made me, with His Spirit coming through me.

If I do not confess my sins and admit my sins and evil, the certain danger is that I will live as the fake “perfect” ad campaign person, and lie to myself and others that this facade is the new life in Christ.

This kind of person, these kind of people, are what people call “hypocrites” at church. Because these same people do all of these same sins, they just make sure you don’t see them, and they make sure not to confess or admit to them. It is the acting job of the fake self. The public relations department of the sinful nature. The cover story for evil.

If I confess my sins, He is faithful and just to forgive my sins and ~cleanse me from all unrighteousness.~

I don’t focus on “me,” but on the new person I am in Christ, and on Christ living through me, as He is my righteousness. (Galatians 2:20.)

By faith in Jesus as my life, I am free to live in the grace, love, forgiveness, and freedom of the love of God.

Curtis Smale


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