Was Jesus Joyful?


  • John 15:11 proves it: “These things I have spoken to you so that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be made full.” Jesus spoke these words Thursday night after supper, less than 24 hours before he was crucified. Even in this foreboding circumstance Jesus had personal joy that he wanted to pass on to the disciples.
  • Little children came to Jesus—why? I notice that my grandkids do not go to a person who is frowning or looking somber. They only go to “happy countenances.” If Jesus looked somber or unhappy, those kids would not have moved toward him—even if pushed by their parents. Kids can spot a happy person!
  • Humor—the traditional form of Jewish humor in those days was exaggerated comparison. Things like a “camel going through the eye of a needle” or a “log in your neighbor’s eye” were funny. Though not humorous to us, that was the humor in Jesus day. Jesus must have had a joyful, light hearted approach to life

by S.M.

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