Inforgiveness & Unperf3ctionism

Unforgiveness and intolerance of imperfection are the two things that have caused me more pain than anything else. (And faithlessness and argumentativeness.)

Unforgiveness leads to anger, deadly resentment and suicidal depression.

Perfectionism makes the whole world torment you day and night, because you intensely hate how imperfect everything is–everything disappoints you.

Acceptance of reality, appreciation of every little thing, thankfulness, and loving sinners and enemies cause you to enjoy the world, to enjoy people, and enjoy the life God has given you, while you make everything as good as it can be.

Faithlessness leads to worry and every endless misery. Argumentativeness turns all of life into a miserable stressful battle.

Pride is intense suffering, so inadequate it is for the reality of life.

Humbly trust God almighty in this cursed world, and enjoy and appreciate every little thing is the way to live.

Enjoy God’s tender forgiveness and love and peace in Jesus every day, led by His Spirit.

Curtis Smale

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