Why do so many of us believers not grow in God’s love and grace?

Why do you think people often don’t become more sanctified? Why do they often not grow in God’s grace, love, and in the Word of Truth? Why do they not live by the Spirit of Grace? Please tell me what you think below.


  1. This is really long, so, fair warning. Most believers never mature in their walk at all, or mature to a small, negligeble degree because they have no literal guidance from other believers that is helpful and un-condescending. There are too many teachers whose attitude to sin is like Nancy Reagan, just don’t do it. The problem is, that clearly doesn’t work. There is almost no one out there who actually teaches people how to sin less, just people who tell others not to sin. Also, thanks largely to lordshippers, and condescending immature believers, there are many people who think they have to stop sinning before they can pray/learn more/grow. Between this and viscious way Satan attacks new believers, many/most become discouraged and give up on trying to be holy, and it doesn’t help that the world is more distracting and crazy than ever. Relatedly, many believers do mature to some extent, just not “externally”. They get carried away with the world from time to time, they sin, but they also pray, read the Bible, and do other things they didn’t do before they got saved. They don’t appear mature on the outside because of their sin and occasional worldliness, but they are secretly prayer warriors and feeders of the sick. This causes it to appear as though there are less mature/maturing believers then there really are. Many of these people have no free grace church in their area so they just don’t go to church, as they are unwilling to attend a church that teaches lordship. I think that last issue is a big part of it, there are more believers than there are good, free grace churches for, so many just never go to church. Sadly, many, maybe even most towns don’t have a free grace church, it’s all lordship or outright works. I think the institution of the church is really failing believers in many ways, especially the one I just mentioned. Many believers are isolated, they are only person they know who believes. When everyone you know is worldly, it’s hard to not be worldly yourself. I’m sure there are more reasons but I think the ones I mentioned are the majority of the problem.


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