“Emotional Health, Peace of Mind, & Feeling Good”

I think there is some really powerful truth in the video below, especially at the end. (I don’t agree with all of Dispenza’s spiritual views.)

What I have learned from 53 years of observing people, is that everyone lives in their own emotional universe. We do not simply live only in the physical universe or only in the spiritual universe, or only in the philosophical thought-ideal universe.

***I think most people live primarily in their emotional universe and we live based on experiences, and especially from the emotions from past experiences.***

Those emotions from past experiences are our slave masters, so we go to the past for security and also we go to our past pains for ~reality~, and we tell other people about what we have experienced not only externally but internally.

The problem with this is that we are consistently living from past experiences and past emotions which are filled with pain, and this is not what you want.

We want to live in the present and by faith projecting the future into what we want, otherwise our entire life can become a miasmas of the past and a mostly self-defeating now.

I find it interesting that I have known some people who have had very positive past experiences, let’s say a very positive and loving childhood or a very positive and loving past relationship. The problem with even this is that these people are not living in the present and projecting by faith, thoughts and emotions, into the future, either.

They are living in the positive and loving past and trying to re-create that in the future.

Maybe there’s not as much pain with that, because they still have a future goal, but they still are living in the past, and they still might not be living in the present.

I am going to say it again because I think it’s really important: everybody that I meet seems to me like a different planet or a different universe or a different world and their thoughts and their voice and their emotions and the focuses of their attention are limited to certain things, and consistent.

Some people are focused on money, some people are focused on past sexual abuse, some people are focused on family, some people are focused on Disney, or dolphins, or craft beer, or whatever.


Spiritually, I think it’s important to focus on God and Jesus, but we have more than just a relationship with Jesus. We have a relationship with other people as well, and our relationships with ourselves and our relationship with our thoughts and our emotions and our past.

I have gotten to the point, due to Jesus healing me of depression, and through total forgiveness, where I can remember my past, without remembering or reexperiencing the pain of suicidal depression. This is a great blessing. It is like being give my past life back. Sometimes, I will watch a movie (this doesn’t seem to happen as much with songs or anything else) but certain movies from the time in my life where I was suicidally depressed. Even though ordinarily I would love the movie, because the movie is really great and high-quality, the problem is, it also triggers memories and really the direct experience of the painful past. This makes it a bad experience for me.

Sometimes, this happens in sleep and dreams and I wake and am troubled but usually when I awaken I can almost immediately shake that off and live in the present.

Look at soldiers in the military. They survive the actual deadly threats in foreign lands of being shot at, and then they return to their domestic protected life, and due to depression, PTSD, or financial problems, their emotions lead them to commit suicide. So, in effect, the deadly threat was their thoughts, mental focus, and emotions, not the physical threat which did not actually kill them.

An optimistic hope for the future:

It seems to me that the mentally and emotionally healthiest people I know remember the past, but do not live in it emotionally. They live in the present, and they project their hope and their optimism in their mind and their emotions into the future for what they want.

I don’t have it all worked out, of course, but it seems that some of these thoughts are on the right path, and I would like to know what you think. Please reply in the comment section below. Thank you.

— Curtis Smale



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