According to the Works of Satan -Thank God Report

Right now, being unemployed, I have no health insurance.
I have a set-up for my sleep apnea machine that includes a nose assembly with gel pad.
According to the works of Satan 👹, greed, and planned obsolescence, the gel is designed to break through the plastic as the plastic headgear artificially ages and yellows. After only a few months, according to the damnable works of Satan 👹, the gel then comes through and stings your nose and starts peeling the skin off around your nose so it looks like you’re a snot nosed kid.
Also, also according to the works of Satan 👹, the healthcare company Apria only sells the hose and the entire assembly, not just the nose pad.
Well, also, according to the works of Satan 👹, my current nose assembly has started the scheduled leaking and started messing up my nose skin seriously.
Right now, according to the works of Satan 👹, not having insurance I don’t have the money to pay for that new headgear, so my thank you God report is, I was cleaning up a cupboard full of stuff, and I found an extra nosepiece that came with the last time I bought the head gear assembly! 😇😇😇😇😇😇
This is a big deal to me because right I don’t have the extra $150 or so dollars to buy another headgear. Who knows how much it would be without insurance.
Thank God! Amen.


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