Ram Dass and Eastern Religion

The extent of my interest in Buddhism, over 30 years ago back in pastor college, was reading The Dhammapada by the Buddha and meditating with breath meditation or awareness-of-thought meditation.

In college I was on the edge of probably the first step of what is called SATORI. I knew that it would eliminate pain from my life, like a permanent anaesthetic, but I also knew that it was a huge lie. So I never went further to committing to that lie.
I never had a huge interest in studying about Hinduism, but I read a heavily illustrated almost comic book called BE HERE NOW by a guy named Ram Dass, who was a Harvard professor, whose original name was Richard Alpert. He was involved with Timothy Leary and LSD and all this kind of thing in the 1960s. He is now 87 years old and last night I watched a half-hour documentary about him on Netflix. He is currently living on the Hawaiian island of Maui in a beautiful house on the ocean in an absolutely gorgeous heavenly area.
There he was in the video: Ram Dass, worshipping his guru Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba, with a huge photograph of him on his wall. (Maharaji was a fat grubby old man, draped in a plaid blanket, in India. He was peaceful, except when he was screaming at his servants.)
There Ram Dass was, out in his lush garden in his wheelchair, worshipping his monkey god (literally, a monkey god), Hanuman.
The spirituality of these people seems to me to be utter craziness.
Many people, including the Beatles, have renounced the massive fraud of greedy Eastern gurus.
John Lennon told Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to (polite substitution) go “jump in a lake” when he told Lennon to sign over 25% of all his money to him.
Sure, Ram Dass, you’re happy if you don’t have to work, and you live in paradise and you have servants taking care of you and making your food and you can do what you want all day long every day, and you have people admiring you and publishing your books and listening to your every word. This is not great spirituality!
He has been being given this house to live in, and he admitted that he did not save money for his retirement, so people donated and allow him to live in this island mansion.
To me, this is just an old broken-down man who lived his life for immoral sex and hallucinogenic drugs and Eastern delusion, and it came out recently also bisexuality, and yet he lives in this wonderful result of living in the most gorgeous place on the planet with plenty of money after he had a stroke 21 years ago.
I should not watch anything close to bedtime, because I intensely dream and think of whatever I watch all night long.
Basically, the half-hour video had beautiful music, absolutely gorgeous nature photography, the calm soothing voice, but it is all missing the true God. It is all missing Jesus, it is all missing the Holy Spirit, it is all missing Father God, it is all missing the truth of forgiveness of sins and everlasting life through faith in Jesus, His Gospel.
There is no way to God except through Jesus Christ.
Meditation or even unconditional love will not get you there.
Test the spirits. This is not the same spirit as God is.
It is the beautiful light that deceives people. Satan masquerades as an angel of light. Without the word of God, the written word of God, we would all be endlessly lost in spiritual darkness. The emptiness and the Christless spirituality is awful and terrifying as perceived by the spirit.
There are only a couple of religions really on the planet:
Judaism and Islam are religions of the book and the law.
Hinduism and Buddhism are religions of “the spirit” and meditation.
Then there is Atheism, Scientism, Humanism, Secularism, and the Occult.
But none one of these contact you with the real God, His Son, and His Spirit.
Sometimes God reveals things to me in painful ways that I would not prefer, like this incessant thought from Satan (the Father of Lies!) that “God is a liar! God is a liar! He’s lying to you!” which I knew was not true, but false preachers and teachers were telling me that God was going to give me all these things and do all these things—that never materialized.
The way I see it, it is God’s way of telling me that people who falsely teach about God, whether Lordship Salvation False Gospel or Prosperity preachers, lead to severe frustration.
False promises of God, that God never made, lead people to frustration.
You are going to have enough frustration anyway.
Without the New Testament truth and rightly dividing the word of God, we would have no true spirituality and no true connection to God, no forgiveness of sins, and no resurrection to eternal life. We would have no Jesus.
Not only is there no ~going~ to Heaven without Jesus—there is no heavenliness without Jesus, who Himself is the Gospel and whose presence is heavenly.
The love and grace of Jesus cannot be found in Eastern Spirituality.
Curtis Smale
John 6:47; John 3:36; 1st Corinthians 15:1-4

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