Partner with Grace Insight and Art to Expand the Reach of This Website Around the World

I believe that this website contains the most important information in the world, the most important piece of information being the biblical Gospel of Jesus that saves the souls of people from eternal torment for their sins in a literal afterlife fiery Hell.

Seeing people believe the biblical Gospel of Jesus and be saved; to see them receive eternal life and be guaranteed of Heaven, and grow in grace and knowledge of the Scriptures, is the most important thing to God towards people, and to me.

I studied formally for the ministry for 3.5 years, studying Latin, German, the Bible languages of Greek and Hebrew, and Theology.

I have read the New Testament in whole or in part, about four hundred times. At age 54, I have read and studied hundreds of theological books and books on Theology, the Bible, and Christian spirituality.

I have been to 35 churches looking for one that preached the truth about salvation and spiritual life in Christ. I have not found it. (Though I have found several website ministries and You Tube channels that preach the truth, listed in the end of this post:

The message of this website, therefore, is rare and vital.

I have spent about 3,000 hours over the last four years to produce the over 1,100 posts on this site.

I have a yearly financial goal to meet to promote this website,, and to have the time to produce materials, without having to work an additional 40-hour-a-week job.

If this website has helped you, would you consider donating to help share the Gospel and help share deep and accurate, yet brief and to-the-point Bible teaching today?

Please contact me here for my email address and donation information. Thank you, and God bless you.

—Curtis Smale


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