Check out these Fascinating Posts 

My blog, Grace, Insight, and Art, now has over 1,100 posts. 

The posts are categorized by subject along the right-hand side. 

I also have a “My Best Blog Posts” category. 

But I feel that many interesting blog posts have been neglected and not read by that many people, so I went through the entire blog today.

The blog represents over five years of writing and posting.

I am coming up on 60,000 times that my articles have been read.

Each day, about 30 to 100 people worldwide read Grace, Insight, and Art. I know this because I have analytics that tell me where on the globe each reader is from.

It took me 3 1/2 hours just to scroll through the blog and write down posts that I think are super important.

I have categorized them into two groups. 

The first group is made up of of great things written by others. 

The second group is of important things that I have written about— Biblical truths and insights—the best things I have ever found.

These are not hyperlinks, so if the title sounds intriguing, copy and paste it into the search engine on the blog and you will come up with that post.

I hope and pray that people will come to faith in Jesus through my blog, and also that they live their Christian identity by the Spirit in their spirits, and also that their souls are nourished by good writing, good videos, and good art.

Thanks, and happy reading! —Curtis

From others:

100 Reasons Evolution is Stupid, by Kent Hovind

Terrifying Last Words of Atheists, Video

Instant Christian Maturity, by Dave Breese

How to go to Heaven, by Kent Hovind

False teacher Charles Stanley: you can’t go to Heaven if you sin, video

If I Were the Devil

The Trouble with X, by C.S. Lewis

Preservation of the Bible

Biblical Descriptions of Hell

Your Favorite Christian Rock Bands Probably Aren’t Christian…

Are there any errors in the Bible? by Norman Geisler

Pastors held hostage by money

Great quotes by Robert Farrar Capon

Renee Roland’s first video

How long does it take to read each book of the Bible? 

Alexander Scourby Bible narration

Video: three year olds summarize philosophy psychology and spirituality

Ultra-relaxing Forests video

You might be a Lordship Salvationist, parts one and two

Hallelujah chorus flash mob in the food court

Seasons to remember death Memento Mori video

The saddest thing I have ever read

God’s simple plan of salvation by Pastor Fred Porter

Friendship and vulnerability by school of life —video

What is empathy? —video by Brené Brown

Ancient fulfilled prophecies of Jesus and events in His life

“As the Ruin Falls,” a poem by CS Lewis

Dave Breese: Danger!

How to be an Atheist —video

Dr. Hank Lindstrom Lordship salvation counterfeit gospel


Many good people and many followers of Christ will be thrown into Hell, David J. Stewart

John Steinbeck’s letter to his son about romantic love

Yes: to be alive— song video

The Psychological effects of Lordship salvation

The number one predictor of happiness

Sanctification by grace through faith, by Pastor Robert Rhyne

From Curtis Smale:

Categorized Bible verses

People are basically good, except for…

The Most Famous Person in the World

4 Simple Tests to see if you’re Saved

My confession of faith in Jesus

The Simple Gospel, CS Video

How to get into Heaven when you die, CS video

Good looking teachers of garbage

Getting emotional about Jesus’ sacrifice

The quiet sentimentality of October

Judeo-Christian culture

How Accurate is our Bible text today?

The gift of well-written material

The essence of being a good friend

No Preachers or teachers are impressive

True Christian spirituality

Do not worry, —video. read by Curtis Smale

When I doubt I believe in Jesus, when I doubt I am saved, by Curtis Smale

Union with God

How Jesus healed me of suicidal depression instantly and permanently

Sharing pain and fear and despair poster by CS

Why Christian bookstores suck

An open letter to Neil deGrasse Tyson

My five distinctive beliefs

Five times I came close to dying

Assigning motives to people

How you really feel

The Suffering that results from unforgiveness

The four most important spiritual insights I know

The Oakwood Street basement

Pastor Sunshine

Are their distinguishing marks for a true believer?

Sigourney Weaver and the meaning of life

King Tut’s Bed

A group meeting with Buzz Aldrin:

My other blogs

Further thoughts on the definition of love, by Philippe Debernay

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