What Happens to People Who Try to Get Rid of God…

People try to get rid of God, but there is so much evidence for creation.

They try to get rid of right and wrong, but how are they going to do that?

They try to deny their sin, but that just becomes a lie.

They try to make death unconsciousness, but how do they know that is true?

They say Hell is too severe a punishment, but how do they know what the appropriate punishment should be? And who are they to say how God should punish sin? How arrogant.

They say that the Bible doesn’t make sense to them and all “religion” is a bunch of rules and non-sensical answers that just cause more questions.

But, after, in their minds, getting rid of God and His Son and His forgiveness and His Heaven and His love and His Spirit, all their problems and frustrations and conflicts with life and faith remain just the same… but they have added fear, emptiness, loneliness, meaninglessness, and horror to their lives.” –C.S.