Why People Hate Jesus

Six reasons people hate God, the Bible, Jesus, the Moral Law, Christians, and God’s Grace: 

1) They hate God’s authority: they want to be God themselves. 

2) They hate that God’s telling them that things they’re doing are wrong, sinful, and evil;

3) They hate there is that there’s a Hell, a place of divine punishment for them, for sinners.

4) They hate the Bible as THE source of truth: they want to make up their own “reality.” 

5) They hate that they are sinners, (“I am a good person”) even though their many sins prove that they are sinners. 

6) They hate God’s Grace and eternal irrevocable salvation through simple faith in Jesus who died for their sins and rose again —they want to earn salvation through their good works.

So… who are the real “haters”?

Curtis Smale