Jesus Healed Me of Suicidal Depression–Instantly and Permanently

I added the song.

Grace, Insight, and Art

In 2005, I think it was late summer, I was instantaneously delivered from a potentially deadly affliction that affected me for my entire life from high school up to that point, at age 41.

Due to the mostly subconscious reaction of anger (in response to extreme and prolonged psychological abuse so deep I didn’t understand it), I had become severely depressed without even knowing what was going on.

From age 14 to 41, 27 years, I suffered depression, often terrifying, sometimes feeling suicidal just to get out of the torment, often feeling indescribable emotional pain and appalling oppression.

I had been prescribed Lithium for about 20 years, on and off, and Zoloft, Prozac, Paxil,  Seroquel (the devil), and many others.

I had 10 counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists try to help me with my depression. I was professionally diagnosed several times.

A psychiatrist at a clinic told me that I was…

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