Unbelievers Report *Heavenly* Near Death Experiences?

The other day, I watched a YouTube video in which the presenter had an explanation for why unbelievers have pleasant near death experiences. He related his theory, based his own near death experience.

When he experienced clinical death, he saw the white light. (It seems that the tunnel is becoming less popular lately).

When this man died, he saw his relatives glowing like angels, and being very loving, greeting him warmly and wanting to lead him, presumably to Jesus or to Heaven.

He felt wonderful. He felt himself to be in the presence of great divine love. As these relatives led him along, they were hugging him and patting him on the back.

After quite a while, these affectionate gestures turned into cajoling him and yelling at him and eventually punching and hitting and pulling him, as the environment also got darker and nastier.

It became apparent that these angel-like relatives were really demons, and so it could be that the great deception is that people think they are in Heaven with relatives, they are actually in Hell with demons.

If people went further in their NDE, they would see the true nature of their experience, he said.

If this is true, I think the take away lesson is that God always says to trust Scripture even over our own experiences.

The Bible says that there are false Christs and false Gospels.

…and… the Bible says that devils masquerade as angels đź‘Ľ of light.

— Curtis Smale