Are a Lot of Unbelieving People “Deeply Spiritual”?

That’s an interesting comment that I hear a lot. But let’s define our terms. The word “religious” could have several meanings. One meaning is that religion is a bunch of rituals you do to gain the favor of God or gods. The word “religion” comes from the Latin word “religio” which means to “link back” or to “connect again” with God.

Another meaning for “religion” is that it is a person’s spiritual life as a whole: beliefs, experiences, worship, prayer, fellowship, etc..

As for “spiritual,” again, that is a loaded term that can mean whatever we want it to mean. A person could call his body, or nature, or his emotions, “spiritual.” But “spiritual” is, “of the spirit.” Man’s spirit is by nature, dead. The spirit is conscience, intuition, and communion. Yes, we have a conscience, but it is cut off from God. We need faith to connect us to God.

The five most important facts of human existence are:

one, that there is a God who designed and created the universe;

two, that there is an unavoidable moral Law that comes from a holy God;

three, that all humans have broken that moral law;

four, that because God is just and holy, He must punish sin and evil; and

five, that only Jesus can forgive our sins and connect us to God again by renewing our spirits and souls and bodies to God, through faith in Him.

Curtis Smale