The Problem with Many People in the Free Grace Movement

One major problem I find in many followers in the Free Grace Movement is that in believing that eternal salvation is by faith in Jesus and not by works at all, (which is the most important truth!) they often completely stop growing spiritually because they believe that all that is necessary in the Christian life after the moment of eternally saving faith is: nothing. Believing in Jesus is everything.

They see everything as a salvation issue.

One Free Grace follower said that it “doesn’t matter if you do sins.”

Well, it doesn’t matter for eternal salvation, but being guaranteed to go to Heaven is not the only thing in the Christian life.

Doing sins certainly ~does~ matter to God.

The Bible clearly says that your practical sanctification is the will of God.

This practical side of sanctification, or growing in grace, requires willing and doing on the part of the believer, as we trust in who we are in Christ, and as we follow the Holy Spirit in our spirits.

This is not the “filthy rags” of an unbeliever trying to justify himself before God, but it is the righteous life of faith of an eternally and irrevocably saved believer in Christ living by grace, faith, and the Holy Spirit as a branch to the Vine.

This is not the finished work of Christ for eternal salvation, but rather the ongoing work of Christ in the believer’s life, through our willing and doing.

It’s weird. Free Grace, taken to distorted extremes, makes the mistake of producing completely spiritually inert saved believers.

Curtis Smale