The Awful, and Wonderful, Truth

The basic truth about life is not hidden or complicated.


It is just extremely repulsive–this is why so many people don’t want to see it. They are in denial.


The truth that people by nature do not want to accept is that, by nature, we are all extremely repulsive to holy God.


All human beings are extremely repulsive to God because of our sins–our breaking of God’s moral law.


Since God is just, there will be a punishment for our sins.


That punishment is called Hell.


You know the anger you feel when someone does something wrong to you? Lies to you, cheats you, whatever?


God feels the same way when you do wrong things, when you sin against Him.


So, by nature, the entire world, every last human being, because of our sins, would go to Hell the minute we died.


Hell is pain and fear and despair. It is a burning terror that never ends. It is being forever shut out from the loving presence of God’s comforts and pleasures, which we enjoy now. It is the wrath of God.


The biggest problem with the world is not that the environment is in trouble.


The biggest problem in the world is the environment we are going to be in if we reject the Savior.


The biggest problem with the world is that it is filled with sinners–you and me.


We sinners are causing most of the the problems here on earth.


We all have a have a face that we show to the world. We all by nature do not want to face the horror of what we really are–evil, nasty, self-centered sinners.


We want others to think well of us. Why? Because we know what we really are and we want to cover up that ugly fact. We wish things weren’t as bad as they are.


We all wish there were no need for a Hell.


We have people we hold up as “heroes” that we think are essentially better than we are.


They are not.


We are all made in the image of God.


And, we are all sinners.


The sin of humans is the greatest problem in the world.


The second repulsive fact is that the default position is: we are all going to Hell to be punished for our moral wrongdoings immediately when we die.


Death is not very scary in itself. It is what lies behind it that scares us: everlasting torment, which is God’s punishment for our sin.


It is not pleasant to think about, so most people reject the facts that all people in the world are sinners, and that everyone in the world is going to Hell if they do not have Christ as their Savior.


But without this faith, we don’t see the truth of why life is often so awful and painful–and meaningless.


See the basic facts about life: God created this beautiful universe. There is truth and a moral law. And all people have broken that moral law.


Our only hope in life is the forgiveness and grace of God given to us by God’s substitutionary blood sacrifice for sin: Jesus Christ.


Overwhelmingly, most people reject Jesus as their Savior. They do not want to see the truth about God. They do not want to see the truth about their sin. They do not want to think about an afterlife spent in Hell. They want to hang onto their pride in the story that they are “good” people.


Worldwide, according to what people say they believe, the number of people who believe in Jesus alone as their Divine Savior is about 11%.


Jesus said that few people will turn to Him in faith to be saved.


God’s offer of salvation is open to all, but percentage-wise, few receive it.


The God who created your brain and who gave you life and consciousness, will punish you for the moral wrongdoings you know you have done, unless you receive His forgiveness that was purchased by the perfect life and also by the sufferings and death and resurrection of Jesus, the incarnate Son of God.


The Bible says that the forgiveness of all past, present and future sins is received instantaneously and permanently, simply through faith in Jesus. Faith in Jesus is putting your faith in Him to save your sinful soul from Hell.


When you believe in Jesus, God will give you a new life, and His Spirit will come to live in you forever.


To summarize: the bad news is we are all sinners headed for Hell because of our sins against God.


The good news (the Gospel), is that Christ died on the cross for our sins, so we could be forgiven and reunited with God now, and enjoy the afterlife forever (Heaven).


We look at the beauty and design of God’s creation and we know there is a God who created it all.


We look at our own lives and the lives of everyone we have ever known and we know that sin and evil are real.


Without Christ, there would be no hope for the afterlife, just a fearful expectation of punishment.


Jesus is the only one who can save you.


We will all meet Jesus face to face one day: either on the day of our death, or on the day He returns bodily to this earth.


Believe in Jesus today–He loves you: He suffered and died for you to pay for your sins so that you can be reunited with God and so that you can go to Heaven when you die.


God bless you.

Curtis Smale

The Best Spiritual Things You Can Get

People search for knowledge and insight, and/or spiritual experience, or peace and holiness and righteousness, or assurance and clarity, as the greatest spiritual attainments.

People might seek for these things in many ways, in many different places.

But the best thing anyone can possibly receive is UNION WITH GOD through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

God is love.

Union with the God who is love is the greatest thing that can happen to anyone.

Union with God is joy unspeakable.

Union with God gives us the peace our souls crave.

The best possible thing for any human being is to live united with God our loving Father, in Christ our Savior, and the Holy Spirit, who indwells our spirit.

We receive EVERYTHING GOOD by God’s grace, through Jesus, by His death on the cross for all of our sins, through His burial, and through His resurrection.

We receive knowledge of the Gospel through the Scripture.

We receive salvation through believing in the Gospel of Jesus: 1st Corinthians 15:1-4.

We receive perfect sanctification through believing in Jesus’ Gospel.

Jesus Himself IS our sanctification.

We receive experience of God through his Holy Spirit in our the intuition of our conscience of our spirit, through Jesus’ Gospel, because we have been crucified with Christ, we have been buried, and we have been raised to eternal life through His resurrection.

Though we still sin, God daily forgives us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. God also tells us to confess our sins to one another. The forgiveness of God in the Lord’s Prayer is in the sense of daily practical fellowship, but we are forgiven for all our sins forever, past, present and future, in the moment of faith in Christ.

We are the holy children of God, through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, the Son of God, indwelled by the Spirit of our Father.

When a person first comes to faith, he believes in Jesus, who died for all sins of everyone on the cross, was buried, and rose again on the third day.

And Paul the apostle tells us that Jesus, the Christ, did more than simply die for our sins.

Look deeper into what Jesus actually did for us.

The Bible tells us also that we were in Him in His death and resurrection, washing away all our sins past, present, and future, with His holy shed blood, and giving us a new life of eternal glory. (Galatians 2:20)

We receive this free gift forever and irrevocably in a moment of faith.

When we believe in Christ, in that moment, we repent or change our minds about unbelief about our sinfulness, and we change our minds in thinking that Jesus was just a man.

Repentance from sins and/or commitment and perseverance in holy living are not requirements ~for~ salvation. But they are the possible, but not required for salvation, natural outgrowth and working out of salvation. A holy life is God’s will for His children, made holy in Christ.

When we believe in Jesus, we are immediately spiritually baptized by the Holy Spirit into the death and resurrection of Christ. (This is not water baptism, but spiritual baptism.)

We are saved and preserved forever in Christ.

We are saved by sheer divine grace, there is no merit or worthiness in us.

The Bible says all of our righteousnesses are as filthy rags.

Jesus is the infinite and eternal and unimaginable divine pinnacle of all spiritual desires, who dwells in glorious white light forever and ever.

Jesus is forever worshiped and glorified by the angels in Heaven and by the saints in Christ.

In Christ are ALL the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

Through Jesus we receive forgiveness of sins.

Through Jesus we receive union with God.

Through Jesus we are destined for Heaven.

Through Jesus we commune with God the Father, through His Holy Spirit in our spirits, forever loved and at peace.

EVERYTHING SPIRITUALLY GOOD is given to us in Jesus who is God incarnate in human flesh, who died for all of the sins of everyone on the cross, who was buried, and who rose again on the third day.

Curtis Smale
All to the glory of God my Savior. John 6:47.

Reality and Truth


“God has so designed things that Man cannot legislate a new Reality into existence, no matter how hard he tries. No matter how many people believe the lie, vote for the lie, agree with the lie, are peer-pressured into a lie, or are brainwashed by a lie–a lie is still just a lie. And, in the end, Reality, designed by God, will have its results, good and bad. Scientists do not create physical reality, they only discover it. A man in a white coat cannot make Evolution into Truth. A Professor cannot make up Reality. A Congress and a Court Supreme cannot make abnormal sexual perversity and child-murder right. The Real World is ~never~ a Fantasyland created by our imaginations and feelings. (Those kinds of things only happen in movies!) The Wonderful Reality, created by God Himself, is called Heaven, (with a Perfect New Earth, and Perfect Bodies) and this Place will only be found by those who believe in Jesus as their divine Savior, crucified for all sins, and resurrected to eternal life.”

–Curtis Smale

Believe in the God-Man Jesus as Savior–Crucified for All of the Sins of Everyone, Buried, And Resurrected; Love with God’s Love; and Forgive, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, as a Child of God, Who Is Your Heavenly Father

If I needed to sum up what Christians and churches should be, these three things would be it.

Of course, there is Bible study, prayer, evangelism, worship and fellowship, and many other things, but based on the Bible, if I could pick three things that are really needed, these would be those.

Today’s churches focus on Lordship Salvation False Gospel, attendance–large crowds, theologically deficient ego-rock for songs, Family focus (what about all the single people like me?), Money and Entertainment and Politics.

My guess is Jesus is ready to spit many of them out of  His mouth after getting a taste of what they are doing. (see the book of Revelation)

Curtis Smale

“What I Believe,” by Curtis Smale

What I Believe:

GOD: Holy Trinity: God is Three Persons in One Being: God.
The Trinity is God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit.
There are Three Persons in One God. God is Self-Existing (Aseity.)

CREATION: God created the universe in six 24-hour days about 6,000 years ago.

SIN: Humanity fell into sin by disobeying God in the Garden of Eden.

ANGELIC BEINGS: There is a real person, Satan, who tried to usurp God’s authority and became evil, taking many angels with him. Angels are usually invisible.

There are many good angels that did not fall into evil and rebellion against God.

God chose individuals throughout history to represent Him: Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Isaiah, and others.

FLOOD: God destroyed most life on earth in a global Flood, saving only Noah and his family to restart humanity.

LAW: God instituted the Law under Moses, which was a system of rewards and punishments. Also, God instituted animal sacrifices to cover the sins of His Old Testament people in advance of the efficacious sacrifice of Christ Jesus Himself on the Cross.

FAITH: Abraham was “the father of faith,” believing God through very difficult circumstances.

SCRIPTURE: The Bible, 66 books, was written by men who were inspired by God over many years. The Bible is inspired, inerrant and infallible, and is preserved by God.

ISRAEL: Jacob’s children, the children of Israel, were God’s Covenant people in the Old Testament. This was the people which contained the human ancestors of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

SALVATION: Jesus Christ is true God and true man. Out of love, God sent Jesus to rescue mankind from its awful hellish destiny apart from Him.

Jesus’ sinless life, sacrificial death on the cross for the forgiveness of all sins, His burial, and His resurrection, are the Gospel: 1st Corinthians 15:1-4. Anyone who believes in Jesus as Savior even for a moment, has forgiveness and eternal life (justification), and is irrevocably destined for Heaven at death (eternal security).

SANCTIFICATION: By faith in Christ who is our perfect goodness (Sanctification), believers are made holy in practical life (growing in Grace).

END TIMES AND ETERNITY: Jesus Christ will return to Earth to judge humanity, resurrecting everyone from the dead, sending believers to Heaven and unbelieving sinners to Hell to be justly punished forever in eternal and everlasting conscious punishment, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for their unforgiven sins.

Believers will live forever with Jesus in Heaven and on the remade new Earth, Jesus and believers, and Heaven and Earth, united together.

–Curtis Smale

The Number One False Doctrine in the American “Christian” Church

The number one doctrinal menace in the American “Christian” church is… Lordship “Salvation.”

The reason that Lordship Salvation (L.S.) is the worst thing ever to happen to the church is that it is a False Gospel. (See Paul the apostle’s double damnation curse on those who preach a False Gospel in Galatians 1:8,9)

L.S. teaches that, in order to be saved, you need to do more than simply believe in the God-man Jesus as your Savior from sin, crucified and resurrected. L.S. says that you need to repent of your sins (stop doing them–which is a good work) and also that you need to commit yourself to a life of discipleship good works. Wrong! Damnably wrong! Double damnably wrong!

Billy Graham teaches this message, and Billy Graham is wrong, because Billy Graham disagrees with The New Testament, with Jesus’ own words, and with over 150 Bible verses that say that salvation is received simply by BELIEVING IN JESUS.

Jesus said in John 6:47: “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who ~believes~ in Me ~has~ everlasting life.”

If people are trusting in their own good works to save them, which is what Lordship salvation teaches, then they are not saved.

Jesus is the only Savior.

MOST Christian teachers today preach repentance from sins and commitment to lifelong discipleship as conditions for salvation.

But the Bible says that salvation is a FREE GIFT.(Ephesians 2:8,9)

Some prominent false teachers today and an organization that teaches the Lordship False salvation are: JOHN MACARTHUR, JOHN PIPER, CHUCK MISSLER (deceased, but currently still on Christian radio), and CALVARY CHAPEL (founded by Missler).

Jesus said to beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing.

Jesus was right, of course.

–Curtis Smale