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Here is a LIST of Lordship Salvation False PREACHERS; Biblical Grace Preachers; and Some Unknowns

Lordship False Gospel Preachers:

The Roman Catholic Church – Teaches straight-out salvation by human good works.

Augustine – RC

Thomas Aquinas -RC

Almost All Reformed, Calvinist, Armenian, Presbyterian and Lutheran Churches

Martin Luther – Said he believed in Grace Alone, Faith Alone, Christ Alone, and then denied this same thing constantly.

John Calvin -LS to the core. One of the Fathers of Lordship Salvation False Gospel because of his Perseverance of the Saints False Doctrine, which teaches salvation by lifetime commitment to discipleship and faithfulness and good works.

Charles Spurgeon – Don’t let anyone tell you he does not teach Lordship Salvation False Gospel of discipleship.

Billy Graham – Preached “salvation” through unbiblical “repenting of sins” and “making a commitment to Christ”: False Gospel Preacher.

Franklin Graham – Same as his father, Billy.

John MacArthur – The undisputed King of modern Lordship Salvation False Gospel teachers. Extremely influential for Satan. Trains Pharisees in his own “Master’s Seminary.” (The Devil’s Seminary).

Charles Stanley – Teaches salvation by repentance of sin and a changed life.

R.C. Sproul – Educated LS teacher.

John Piper – LS to the core.

Paul Washer – LS to the core.

Ray Comfort – LS to the core.

Kirk Cameron – partner of Ray Comfort

Ken Ham – Salvation by discipleship

Francis Chan – LS to the core.

James MacDonald

Jack Chick Tracts


Calvary Chapel

Bob Coy

A.W. Tozer – L. S.

Dr. Sinclair Ferguson

Chuck Missler

Albert Mohler

Todd Friel, WretchedTV – LS to the core.

Alistair Begg – Head of the Lordship Salvation Alliance

Steven Lawson – Lordship Salvation, often on the R.C. Sproul show.

Greg Laurie – teaches repentance from sin (works) for salvation

John Ankerberg – teaches “following Jesus” as a condition of salvation

Frank Turek –  Good apologist for God, creation, etc., but teaches LS for salvation.

*Norman Geisler ? Intelligent and unbelievably theologically knowledgeable, but he wrote a book with Turek. Wikipedia says he is on the side of Biblical Free Grace (the truth), and his Systematic Theology heavily criticizes Lordship Salvation.

Matt Slick – Calvinist Lordship Perseverence False Gospel.

*William Lane Craig – Teaches Repentance of sins for salvation False Gospel, Great Kalam arguument apologist and debater extraordinaire for God’s existence, The Moral Law, and The Resurrection of Jesus.

J.C. Ryle – Search his name on this site for proof in his own words that he is a Lordship Salvation False Gospel preacher.

A.W. Pink – Quote: “Something more than believing is necessary to salvation.” No, Mr. Pink. Jesus disagrees with you: John 6:47: “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who BELIEVES in Me ~HAS~ EVERLASTING LIFE.”

Hank Hanegraaff: Combines Salvation and Practical Christlikeness. He is a False Teacher.

Hal Lindsey

Rick Warren

Leonard Ravenhill

Jonathan Edwards


Some of these guys may have believed in Jesus for salvation in the past, they may have taught the biblical Gospel of Free Grace in the past, but currently they teach a False Gospel, or the Biblical Gospel of Grace and then also a False Gospel, alternating back and forth. Some are very suspect because of the writing partners or the people they theologically associate with or endorse.

The NIV Bible, beautiful verses, but certain crucial verses preach LS False Salvation.

Most megachurches and Christian radio stations and Christian bookstores.



Biblical Free Grace Preachers:

God the Father

***Jesus the Christ, The Son of God, True God and True Man, The Messiah,

The Holy Spirit








*Watchman Nee  – Spiritually Valuable Insights and Unique. Biblical Free Grace to the core.

Zane Hodges – Father of modern Free Grace Theology

Charles Swindoll – Grace

*Bob Wilkin – Free Grace Valuable theology.

Shawn Lazar – Gracious, understands Free Grace and current culture.

Ken Yates – Free Grace, gracious and kind.

*Robert Rhyne – Salvation through faith alone. Amazingly Valuable Insight on Sanctification and Grace.

*David J. Stewart (Jesus Is Savior, online) Get-to-the-point Valuable. Loudly Anti LS, clearly pro Grace.

*Renee Roland – A woman, but not a pastor. Extremely Valuable for explaining the Gospel on YouTube, exposing False Gospel Preachers, and dealing with doubts over assurance of salvation, unbelievably good insights, deals with emotional concerns with grace and humility, extremely good on questions about Bible verses. The best I have ever seen on these things.

*Lee Poskey – Gracious WordPress blogger. Teaches Salvation by faith in Jesus.

*Kent Hovind – Valuable teacher on Creation. Biblical Free Grace all the way.

Ken Boa – Gracious, knowledgeable grace teacher.

Curtis Hutson – Was anti-LSFG.

Curtis Smale – Anti-Lordship Salvation fanatic. Hahaha! 😀🤓🤠 Hopefully, more and more a gracious teacher and preacher and liver of the Biblical Gospel of Free Grace. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior from all of my sins, Justification by faith in Jesus, Jesus is my Savior from eternal death (and my Savior through the resurrection of my body to a glorious body) and my Savior from Hell. I believe in John 6:47, 1st Corinthians 15:1-4, Ephesians 1:13,14. God’s Grace, Eternal Security, Co-Death and Resurrection with Christ, God is Love, Jesus is my Salvation and Jesus is my Sanctification, God is my Father, The Holy Spirit indwells me, His Word is a light to my mind. I love because He loved me first. God has enabled me to forgive. Heaven with Jesus and life on the New Earth with a glorified body, is my destiny. Communion with God’s Spirit in my spirit, with all of my soul, is the most satisfying, peaceful, living, loving, light-filled, and joyful thing I have ever experienced. Jesus is my forgiver, healer, provider, and the divine lover of my soul. Thank you forever, Lord Jesus!

*Jack Weaver,, Notes from a Retired Preacher website. Now in the presence of the Lord. Wonderful, Valuable website.

Bob George – Classic Christianity book.

Steven Anderson – Faithful Word Baptist Church, Tempe, AZ: loud, sometimes angry and crazy, but has the correct Gospel message.

Joseph Prince -Grace and positivity preacher with a prosperity angle.

*C.S. Lewis – Not strong on justification, and had some heretical beliefs, like infant water baptism regeneration, purgatory, and possible loss of salvation. His understanding evolved over time. Made some explicit Biblical Gospel of Grace statements. Wonderful, warm, knowledgeable, intelligent, gracious, and insightful writer. Absolutely brilliant and learned beyond any non-Bible author on this page. My favorite prose writer of all time. “Mere Christianity” is my favorite non-Bible book. Good on basic truths and deep insights, but definitely not the best Biblical Free Grace theologian. Unbelievably Valuable for so many reasons, even if he was LS, which I pray with all my soul and hope he was not, and do not think he was.

Lewis Sperry Chafer – Free Grace

Dave Breese – Search his name on this site to read his wonderful “Danger” paper destroying Lordship Salvation False Gospel.

Dave Hunt – What a wonderful, godly man who taught the true biblical Gospel of God’s Grace in Christ:

Dr. J. Vernon McGee – Blessed Teacher of God’s Grace



Unknown, but probably Lordship Salvation False Gospel:

James Dobson

Gary Habermas

*John Lennox ? Great apologist for basic Christian beliefs, LS or not.

Peter J. Kreeft – C.S. Lewis scholar, wonderful writings, inexplicably now a Roman Catholic, probably was a true believer and therefore saved, even though he now is probably LS.

It is likely I have made some mistakes here, on one side or the other. Please let me know if you disagree with my placement of any of these preachers or organizations into any of these classifications, and I may consider changing them. Thanks.

Curtis Smale

The biggest false teachers/preachers/churches are: the Roman Catholic Church (some within this church are saved, if they trust in Jesus alone without relying on any good works), The Lutheran Church (which I grew up in), (and almost all Reformed and Calvinist Churches), Billy Graham, John MacArthur, and John Piper.

There are many, MANY other False Gospel Teachers who teach that SALVATION comes by ~repenting from sins~ and a ~commitment~ to ~lifelong discipleship~. These all teach WORKS RIGHTEOUSNESS salvation. But the Bible says that salvation is a FREE GIFT received through faith in Jesus.

People think these churches and preachers are conservative and respectable, but they are deadly. Jesus said: “MANY false prophets will appear and DECEIVE MANY PEOPLE.” (Matthew 24:11), and Galatians chapter one puts -two- damnation curses on anyone who preaches a False Gospel.

The Gospel is found in 1st Corinthians 15:1-4: “Now, brothers, I want to remind you of the Gospel I preached to you, which you received and on which you have taken your stand. 2 By this Gospel you are saved, if you hold firmly to the word I preached to you. Otherwise, you have believed in vain. 3 For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures,4 that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures…”

Notice that there is no mention of repentance of sins or discipleship included as the way to be saved. These are NOT part of the saving Gospel.

The Bible clearly says that salvation is “not of works, lest any man should boast.” (Ephesians 2:9)

Everyone who believes in Jesus alone, without relying on his or her good works to be saved, has everlasting life. (John 6:47: Most assuredly, I say to you, he [or she] who believes in Me HAS everlasting life.”)

–Curtis Smale






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