Where Does it Say in the Bible that God Created the Angels?

The Bible, it seems, from the verses I’ve looked at so far, does ~not~ say that God created the angels. Of course, this does not mean that He didn’t. But He is the self-existent Creator (aseity). It is a matter of internal biblical coherence that He created the angels. The Bible also doesn’t say that Jesus laughed, that Jesus smiled, that God created sharks, that God created black holes, that God created Saturn, that cars and planes and radios and phones and the Internet, and the moon landing and Mars landing would someday be realities. It doesn’t chronicle the history of China or of many people groups around the globe. This in no way denies that God made these people. God put things in the Bible concerning Himself, morality, salvation, sanctification and the afterlife, as that is its purpose.

–Curtis Smale