Invisible Man in the Sky?

“Why do you believe in an Invisible Man in the Sky?” This is a question often asked by Atheists who don’t understand why believers believe in God and in Christ.

To them, there seems to be no rational reason why a believer would believe.

The Bible indicates that unbelievers cannot see the truth of God and Christ because: they have suppressed the natural knowledge of God because of the sins that they want to keep doing, and secondly, because they want to remain the sole arbiter of truth and, essentially, they want to be their own God, deciding what is reality and what is not.

The facts of life are self-evident to anyone with a live intuition and conscience. Communion with God is not needed in order to apprehend the basic facts of reality.

If you can see that there is consciousness, a brain that controls your body, DNA that controls the cells of your body, atoms and molecules that are designed, galaxies in the sky, an endless creative variety of animals and plants on the earth, then you can know by inference that there is a God who created all things.

(If you put your bare hand directly on a hot stove ring, you do not need to ask if the burn hurts.)

If you don’t want people to lie to you, steal from you, murder you, or cheat and commit adultery with your husband or wife (if you have one), then you know that there is a Moral Law, and that the God who created everything must be holy (because He created the Moral Law).

You know that you are disconnected from God because of your sins.

You hear of Jesus and know that His forgiveness and love and connection to God are the answer for salvation from afterlife justice in Hell, that He is the answer for afterlife salvation (Heaven), and for re-connection with God.

Those who believe in Jesus will be saved. (John 6:47)

–Curtis Smale