What’s So Special About The Bible?

The Bible is like no other book in the world.

The Bible gives an accurate account of history, from the first moment of creation–described in Genesis. It describes in very simple terms the creation of the universe. It tells the story of the origin of human beings. It tells us how things went wrong when man chose to sin. It tells of the origin of languages, peoples, music, architecture, law, human motivations, the destruction of the flood, the origin of Israel, the origin of all the nations, and the prophecies of the Messiah.

There is a hymnbook in the Psalms, a wisdom book in the Proverbs, a story about the real and seeming injustices of life in Job, a philosophy book in Ecclesiastes, and a romance in Song of Solomon.

The documents of the Bible have proven their prophecy.

The documents have been proven 100% accurate by the Dead Sea Scrolls and the 5,000 matching copies of the New Testament.

The spirituality, moral truth, spiritual truth, depiction of common human experiences and reactions, have no comparison in all of literature.

The Bible is interwoven, inextricably, with historical people, places, and events, and it is quoted endlessly in the books of history, and the books, movies and songs of the present.

It formed Western civilization, almost single-handedly.

It has inspired more love, charity, goodness, hospitals, and charities, with Jesus’ Spirit, than any other book ever written. There is no book that compares with it at all.

The four portraits of Jesus in the Gospels allow you to see the only divine human and to listen to His words.

The letters of Paul guide the church.

The Revelation of John tells us what is to come.

Hundreds of thousands of words and phrases impart wisdom and insights at every turn.

The Bible tells you how to be saved, and it defines what the Gospel is. (John 6:47 and 1st Corinthians 15:1-4.)

Thank God for His book, the Bible.

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–Curtis Smale