+ Read “Mere Christianity,” by C.S. Lewis. It’s free online, but buy the book and underline things that seem important and that are also biblical. It’s my favorite book, and I have read it many times, even though it has some theological errors and doesn’t emphasize justification by faith enough. But I’ll tell you what it does emphasize: God’s grace!

+ Read “The Spiritual Man” by Watchman Nee (it is an unimaginably life-changing book, but Nee doesn’t emphasize love or enjoying life enough.)

Read “Story” by Robert McKee if you watch movies or any tv series. Your mind will never be the same. It will be vastly improved.

Read “Boundaries” by Dr. Henry Cloud.

Read “Feeling Good” by Dr. David D. Burns.

Read “Embracing the Love of God,” by Bryan Smith. I do not know about his salvation theology, but this book has a lot of truth in it.

Read “Forgiveness” by Jerry Jampolsky. I don’t think Jampolsky is a Christian, but he writes here about the universal importance of forgiveness.

+ Read “Eternal Security,” by R.T. Kendall.

+ Read books by Andrew Murray.

+ Read “Sanctification by Grace through Faith,” by Robert Rhyne (free paper available on the Internet.)

+ Read “Our Problem with Grace,” by Michael Spencer, the Internet monk, free online (I’ve read these last two over and over and over).

Read those last two things, the paper and the article, over and over, if you find in them the same things I did.

Read Roger Ebert’s classic movie reviews, free online.

Curtis Smale