Jesus Satisfies Your Soul

Jesus’ forgiveness, love, joy, peace. There is nothing else that will fill your soul. We need some physical things to survive, but these spiritual/emotional things from God will fill us–and nothing else will. We need His forgiveness or we are lost in the condemnation of the evil and sin in our souls. We can fill our souls with knowledge, but in the end, even the best knowledge is just a distraction from what really matters. We can try to fill our souls with music, but it’s not enough. Doesn’t quite hit the spot. You can try drugs, food, sex, money, artistic and creative pursuits. You think it’s youth or thrills or climbing a mountain. Big house, children, perfect career. Never enough. Heaven will be enough. And Heaven is Heaven only because Jesus’ love and forgiveness are there. And you can experience His love and forgiveness right now. Hell is Hell because God’s love and blessings are not there–awfulness, emptiness, fear, pain, and despair. People think it’s being “positive,” but no. It’s goodness, and truth and love. Pray for God to fill your soul with His love. The world is a hot and dry sandy desert, and only Jesus, out of everything in this world, is a glass of water. Only His love is gonna save you and satisfy you and fill you. Not the love of parents, spouse, children or friends. Nothing else, and no one else, but Jesus.

Curtis Smale