How Do We Know Our Faith Is True?

There is a knowing of the intuition, of the human spirit. When it involves leading toward salvation, this knowing is given by God’s grace and by His Spirit. This knowing validates certain truths that must accepted by faith, because they cannot be proven.

But no one can, or does, live without faith.

One or the other of these ideas is true: either there is a Creator God separate from creation, or there isn’t.

My conscience and intuition approve of the faith proposition that ~there is~ a God.

The second question is whether there is objective morality.

If there is, and I am led to believe that there is, because of that objective morality, there must be a holy God who rewards good and punishes evil–else, why make a law?

And the moral law certainly exists.

Our problem is that we are all sinners. We, all humans, have broken God’s Moral Law, and we continue to sin. We are imperfect no matter what we do.

The third thing is that it was revealed to humanity by the Creator God, the Lawgiver God, that God Himself incarnated as a man, He died for all of the sins of every human being, crucified on a Roman cross about 2,000 years ago, He was buried… and He was resurrected from death to life on the third day, never to die again.

By faith in Christ you are saved from sin, death, and Hell.

Through faith in Him, you are made perfect and holy, without any good works of your own of any kind, and you are fit for entrance into Heaven.

And, by reliance on Him as your Sanctification, you are sanctified and can be made practically holy to whatever extent, now, here on earth.

Curtis Smale