Are Lordship Salvation False Gospel churches filled with unsaved people?

Can a person be saved who believes in Jesus plus their good works? (they still believe in Jesus.)


The Bible says that salvation is not obtained by your good works, so if people always only believed in Jesus plus their good works, and believe that now, and believe that until death, then they are not saved.


Are people saved who believe in Jesus plus their good works?

They believe in Jesus, and belief in Jesus is what saves us.

Belief in Jesus is the important ingredient for irrevocable, eternal salvation and eternal life.

Believing in their good works is bad and untrue , but that is forgiven by belief in Jesus.

There is no Bible verse that says “you are not saved if you believe in Jesus plus your good works and have never believed in Jesus alone.”

Which answer is correct, or is there a third possibility?

Curtis Smale

Most “Christian” churches have the wrong Gospel

What do you think about this statement?

If Lutherans and so-called “Reformed” denominations believe they are saved by faith in Jesus without works, (the so-called by them “sola fide,”) why then do Lutherans and reform denominations say that if a person has a faith in Jesus that does not produce works, then he is not saved? It is because they truly do not believe in Christ alone—rather, they believe in their own works to save them.

Good works of obedience are definitely pleasing to God, and are prompted by the Holy Spirit, and therefore are likely to happen in the life of a believer, but they have no part whatsoever in the discussion about salvation, and they certainly are no proof of salvation, since salvation is by faith in what Jesus did—salvation is not by our good works. Salvation is all of Jesus, zero of us.

This is why I believe, terrifyingly and with great concern, that most people in “Christian” churches are not saved. Their pastors are false teachers of the false gospel of faith in Jesus plus works—which cannot save!

I have been to 35 “Christian” churches over the last eight years, and all of them said good works were necessary or a person never believed, and therefore a person was never saved. This is called backloading the Gospel with works.

Jesus said there would be many false teachers. Also, Jesus said many people would go to Hell, and few to Heaven. People today, however, apparently think that there is wide agreement with the biblical Gospel in so-called Christian denominations, and also that many people are saved—but both of these propositions are directly against the clear teaching of Jesus.

Curtis Smale