It All Boils Down To This


Spiritually, everything boils down to this: having faith in the God-man Jesus, crucified on the cross for all sins, and resurrected, for our salvation; loving God, and loving and forgiving others as yourself, as Jesus loves; believing and following the Word and Spirit as a redeemed child of God, by His grace; and eagerly looking forward to Jesus’ Return and Our Father’s promise of Heaven–our destiny.

–Curtis Smale

Eternally Saved by “Committing” to Christ?

Jesus promised that anyone who believed in Him ~has~ eternal life. (John 6:47)

The repentance (Greek–metanoia: “change of mind”) that is to eternal life is changing your mind about the sin of unbelief in Jesus.

“Repenting of sins” in order to be eternally saved is ~NOWHERE~ commanded in Scripture.

Repenting of your sins is not part of what saves anyone. That is salvation by human good works. Also, “committing your life to Christ,” (from false prophet Billy Graham) a.k.a. dedicating your life to discipleship, has NOTHING WHATSOEVER do with being saved. Salvation comes ONLY from ~believing in Jesus~. Sanctification (growing in grace, love, and holiness) and fellowship, grow out of our salvation, which is eternally and irrevocably secure.

–Curtis Smale

“Is Your Spirit Alive?”

All people have free will. The issue is not with the will, but with the ~spirit~ of man. The spirit of an unregenerate man is dead. If that man chooses to do any of the works of a regenerate believer in Jesus, he can–from his dead spirit and from his natural soul, which is ultimately from a source of fleshly self-pride. The difference is not in the will, but in the condition of the spirit–alive or dead, connected to God’s Spirit or not connected to God’s Spirit.

One of the great errors of theologians is to trust their own theories and logical ideas rather than the Word of God and the Spirit of God. God did not say that in the day that you eat of it you will no longer have free will, but rather, in the day that you eat of it, you will die: your spirit will die.

–Curtis Smale

“Why Are American Churches So Anemic?”

Two of the great deficiencies in modern American churches are: a lack of the sense of the holiness and majesty of God; and also, a lack of the sense of sin and confession of sin, which is essential in practical progression toward holiness and sanctification. The modern American church is interested in money, and therefore large numbers of people, customer-pleasing doctrine, and entertainment. But that is not the biblical purpose of the church and this is why some of the most spiritual people are turning from the circus of the modern American church to draw nearer to God personally and in small groupings, to pursue spiritual growth in Christ.

–Curtis Smale