Jesus Only Is Our Salvation

Believe in Jesus Christ for one moment, who shed His blood and died on the cross for the forgiveness of all your sins (past, present, and future), was buried, and rose from the dead on the third day, according to the Scriptures, and you have eternal life and are saved forever: permanently, irrevocably and irreversibly.

How do I know this? Look at John 3:14 and 15. (The verse right before the most famous verse in the Bible, John 3:16.) Jesus tells the Old Testament story of Moses and the bronze serpent. (Numbers 21:4-9) The people bitten by the deadly snakes would simply look at the bronze snake, which was a type of Christ, and they were saved merely by a look.

The Jesus we are speaking of is the God-man.

Jesus did ~everything~ for our salvation.

You can believe in Jesus right now for eternal salvation.

Our good works count for nothing in salvation, zero.

Curtis Smale




Have mercy

Don’t you just want to say to some people sometimes: “Hey, would you take it easy on me, please? Would you have some grace and mercy on me? God is working in me, but yes, I still have a thousand flaws and sins. My flesh is irredeemably bad. And so do you, and so is yours. Live in God’s grace and love. CS

The Bible’s Source Documents

— “The documents of the 66 canonical Bible books are incomparably more attested to and more reliable than any other ancient documents. This fact was proven again by the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which showed again that the documents had not changed over the years.” CS —

The 9 Baptisms in the Bible

— “There are at least NINE different “baptisms” in the Bible. The only one that saves your soul happens instantaneously at the moment when you believe in Jesus, who did everything necessary for your forgiveness and salvation. This is NOT baptism into water. We are spiritually baptized into Christ’s death and His resurrection, by faith, at the moment of belief.” CS —

People who have believed in Jesus cannot go to Hell.

— “Once a person believes in Jesus as Savior, that person ~cannot~ go to Hell after that point, no matter what he does. Why? Because of what the nature of what “salvation” is. Salvation is: God forgiving all of a person’s sins, declaring a person “not guilty,” giving a person eternal life, the Holy Spirit indwelling a person forever, God sealing a person with His own Holy Spirit, God spiritually seating a person in Heaven. There is no undoing or reversing any of these gifts which God Himself calls, “irrevocable.” CS —