Growing in Jesus’ Love

I think you and I and many Christian believers, are not growing in grace because we are not basking in grace, in God’s love. 

Do we gain God’s approval by pleasing him? (This is kind of “Lordship sanctification”) No. We are approved and loved completely in Christ.

We are children of God through faith in Christ.

God is pleased when we live from His love, which is Jesus.

Don’t do things for Christ, do things in Christ.

Cooperate with Christ living in you.

***Our sense of peace ~is~ Jesus—not trying to please God to get inner peace. Not start doing right things and stop doing wrong things.

If you get people to fall in love with Jesus, there is nothing they won’t do for the church and the kingdom.

We fall in love with Jesus by realizing how much He loves us.

From God, to us, to other people.

It is a “live in the love of Jesus relationship.”

How do we receive God’s love? Live in Jesus’ love.

Spiritual babies need to receive.

Real healing is relational, spiritual and emotional, not just cognitive.

Trust God.