Positivity is Not Synonymous With Goodness

I think that “positive” people think they are in the right and the “negative” people are automatically wrong, because they are negative. But positive and negative are not true and false; holy and unholy; good and evil; or spiritual and unspiritual. People who have no depth of understanding of the Scriptures want to come out and immediately say that they have seen the light–when all they have seen is what they want to be true–and what a “positive” guy named —— says is true. // I am very open to being shown to be wrong, unscriptural, unspiritual, etc.. I have been wrong (and sinful) thousands of times–that’s how I got what knowledge I have. I am open to growing in grace and in the Scripture. In the area of Christian spirituality, I am not open to growing in fantasy and natural “positivity” wish-fulfillment that is not grounded in the Word of God and in the Spirit of God. I feel like I am breathing in helium and am going to float away on some positive grace websites. They don’t seem to take in any of the hard realities of life: trials, doubts, pain, fear, uncertainty, a lack of God’s felt presence, God’s wrath, God’s discipline, God’s chastening, God’s contrary and mysterious decisions, etc. There is no balance. Some of these Christian positivity sites are so happy, it’s like a painting without shadows, and therefore unreal, false, misleading, and unbiblical. Right?

–Curtis Smale