I Thought They Were Exaggerating

I remember being young and reading Christian writers who said that, as they got older, they realized that, in their own souls, by nature, there dwelled “nothing good.”

I thought they were being falsely modest. I really did.

And, I thought they were being a bit disingenuous.

Really? -Nothing- good?

Nothing at all?

As a young man, full of youth, health, time, optimism, blank memory banks free of painful memories, I thought there were good things in me.

What I realize now is that they were right. They were not being falsely modest. In me, in my own soul, there dwells nothing good.

It is only in Christ and Christ in me, that I am good, that I have some good in there.

With Christ in there, I have something pure, loving, holy, righteous, and good.

Without Him, my soul would be not only sinful but also empty and wretched for all eternity, because deadness and self-centered pride, cut off from God’s Spirit and love, would be all there would be.

Sinful pride, anger, arrogance, lust, selfishness, gluttony, greed, foolishness, etc., is all there would be.

Thank God that Christ is in me, and that I am in Christ.

–Curtis Smale

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