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"You can be permanently saved through a moment of faith in Jesus as Savior. Here is a real faith builder. Look up these 185 verses and underline and star them in your Bible. Worth every minute. All in order, as you page through the Bible. Doesn’t take that long. —C.S.",161
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"I am in 1,000% Agreement with This Wonderful, Warm, Simple, ~Biblical~ Explanation of How to Be Saved by Dave Hunt, Blessed Man of God, Now in the Presence of the Lord Jesus - VIDEO",73
"Lordship Salvation: the Number One Deception in American ""Christianity"",62
"""Danger," by Dave Breese",61
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"Lordship Salvation False Gospel",52
"An Open Letter to Neil deGrasse Tyson, About His Religion: Science",51
"Jesus Healed Me of Suicidal Depression--Instantly and Permanently",49
"The Greek word for “repent” (change your mind) is NOT the same as the Greek word for “repent of your sins”) The Parable of the Talents Is NOT about Salvation. Renee Roland, dear beloved sister, is filled with the Spirit of God and of wisdom. This one of her very best videos. You really need to listen to this. Please. —CS",48
"Here's Proof that Charles Stanley Is a False Gospel Preacher",48
"What Does It Mean to “Believe in Jesus”?",47
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"Why John MacArthur Is a False Prophet",45
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"The Accursed Message of Billy Graham and Other “Repentance and Discipleship for Salvation” Preachers - Excellent VIDEO by Renee Roland",39
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"""My Dream About My Mother," by C.S.",37
"Martin Luther and Lutheran Churches Teach a False Gospel of Salvation by Good Works",37
"What Is Love?",36
"The Most Spiritually Helpful and Comforting Bible Verses I've Ever Found",36
"When I Doubt I Believe in Jesus, When I Doubt I am Saved, by Curtis Smale",36
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"Bill Nye The Delusional Science Guy",34
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"Where Is the Rock Star Prince Now, in the Afterlife?",34
"Have you believed in Jesus Christ alone as your God-man Savior, who shed His holy blood, was crucified on the cross and died for the forgiveness of all your sins—past, present and future, was buried, and then rose from the dead on the third day, fulfilling Old Testament Messianic prophecy, (NOT also believing in your repentance from your sins (reforming your life or promising to reform your life), your water baptism, your church membership, your good works, your discipleship, your perseverance, your love, your being a “good person,” or any of your other good works to save you)?                              Do you believe that because of your belief in Jesus, (which is by God’s grace) you have eternal life forever, Heaven guaranteed—irrevocable salvation?  If you do, you are saved. Jesus does all the saving. He does not need any “help” from you or me. All of our righteousnesses are as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6). Here are Bible verses that say these very things: John 3:13-21; 1st Corinthians 15:1-4; John 6:47; Ephesians 1:13,14; Ephesians 2:8,9; Galatians 1:8,9.",34
"Externally Moral Unsaved People; Immoral Saved People; and Spiritual Saved People",33
"The Greek Word for ""Believe": Pisteuo",33
"""Let Me Tell You About My Dad," by C.S.",32
"Hell Is a Real and Terrifying Place--Avoid It As You Would Avoid Something Worse Than the Plague",32
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"Is ""Hell" Designed to Control People?",32
"Changed Life False Gospel Exposed (Lordship  Salvation False Gospel by Another Name) This Video is Excellent. Please Watch This. - C.S.",31
"The Best Spiritual Things You Can Get",31
"Are there ""Distinguishing Marks" for a True Believer?",30
"Christian Jerkism",30
"LABOR DAY Movie Review",30
"J.C. Ryle Was a Lordship Salvation False Gospel Teacher - Here's Proof",30
"How To Get into Heaven When You Die: Believe in Jesus.",29
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"What's So Special About The Bible?",28
"Are These the Two Greatest Prayers?",28
"My Spiritual Experience of Knowledge and Revelation",27
"Kent Hovind Rebukes Ray Comfort on His Heresy of Lordship Salvation False Gospel",27
"""Why Are American Churches So Anemic?"",27
"One of the Best Sermons I Have Ever Heard. The True Gospel, Not the False Gospel of Lordship Salvation. Your Soul Needs This. He shouts and is passionate at times, but this is beautiful, and this is a loving preacher who cares about the souls of his hearers. - Curtis Hutson - Audio",27
"If You Believe This, or If You Have Ever Believed This, You are Saved Forever and Will Go to Heaven When You Die, Guaranteed by God in the Bible.",26
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"Are you a ""Real Christian"?",26
"Almost All American Churches Are Lordship",26
"The Best Explanation of the Gospel I Have Ever Heard",26
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"Is that Person Really Resting in Peace?",25
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"Dr. Curtis Hutson Sermon Library",25
"We Know We Know Him When We Obey His Commandments - Renee Roland VIDEO",25
"I Felt the Presence of Evil on an Adidas Zip-Up Jacket",24
"The Bible Indicates that Most People Will End Up in Hell. Very Few People are Saved, Only a Remnant. Most People, the World, the Overwhelming Majority of Humans, Will Consciously Exist Forever, Being Emotionally and Physically Tormented in Hell with Justice, and Then in the Lake of Fire. The Ultimate Destiny of Most People is a Place of Fear and Despair and Pain, and Separation from Holy Almighty God Because of Their Sins. This is What the Bible Teaches. This Life is Short and Uncertain. The Time to Believe in Jesus Alone as Savior, (NOT Your Good Works at All) and Be Forgiven of Your Sins and Be Saved, is ~Now~.",24
"The Satanic Answer of GotQuestions.org to How a Person is Saved.",24
"Some Thoughts on Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner",24
"This Is the Saddest Thing I Have Ever Read, By Far, No Contest. Do Not Read This at Work. You Will Probably Be Bawling. Not Kidding. Not Exaggerating. - C.S.",24
"Material Blessings for Obedience? Not Necessarily.",24
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"Did Martin Luther ""Truly Understand Grace" "At the End of His Life"?",24
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"How to Get Saved, According to the Bible",24
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"Lordship Salvation FALSE GOSPEL",23
"The Hot Beggar Woman",23
"Christlike People in Hell",23
"A Dark Bouquet of Insights",23
"7 Truths about Salvation",22
"Which Two Things Does God Want Us to Be Secretive About?",22
"Hysterical! Lordship Salvation Explained Fully in 3 Minutes.",22
"The Cashless Society",22
"John Calvin's T.U.L.I.P. --Revised!",22
"""Requirements" for Church Membership?",22
"Forgiveness Is Not Optional If You Want to Be Happy",22
"#1274 (untitled)",22
"YES: To Be Alive (Hep Yadda) My All-Time Favorite Song. Have You Ever Heard Such Joy and Energy in a Song? (Headphones Strongly Recommended) -- C.S.",21
"When People Brush Off Your Pain",21
"What Is the Essence of Christian Spirituality?",21
"Why Are People Afraid of Death?",21
"Invisible Man in the Sky?",21
"Monstrously Good Advice",21
"Can Eastern Gurus Defy Physical Reality?",21
"INTERSTELLAR Movie Review",21
"Will A Christian Murderer Go to Heaven?",21
"Exposing False Teachers -Poster",20
"#1198 (untitled)",20
"The Bed King Tut Slept On",20
"Eternal Salvation vs. Living by the Spirit of God",20
"The 88-Year-Old Twins",20
"Building On a False Foundation",20
"FANTASTIC YouTube Videos",20
"False Predictions of The Return of Christ",20
"Psalm 33: The Sovereignty of the Lord in Creation and History",20
"My Current Views on Theological Issues",19
"Just believe, trust, be persuaded, of what Jesus did to save you, and you are saved. This video really spoke to me, encouraged me, assured me. In addition, the last line is very important. This woman definitely has the Spirit of God and the love of Jesus. - Renee Roland - Video",19
"This is a Classic Renee Video. Take all your wrong ideas, questions and doubts, and Renee Roland hammers the Hell out of them with Bible Verses and the Simple Gospel of Jesus. Awesome! There is no one like her. I'm cheering when she says, ""Garbage!" "Nonsense!" "Silly!" WATCH THIS ONE. - C.S.",19
"It Is Wrong When Churches Do This",19
"What Your Soul Longs For",19
"Women Prophesying, Preaching, and Explaining the Gospel - Video by Renee Roland",19
"The Greatest Sin",19
"""Never Look Through The Eyepiece" --Poem",19
"Can You Tell Me What Is Wrong with This Sentence about How to Be Saved?",19
"You Might Be a Lordship Salvationist If... (Part 2)",19
"Assurance of Eternal Life",19
"The Life God Wants Eternally Saved Believers in Jesus to Live",19
"(unknown or deleted)",19
"Why do so many of us believers not grow in God’s love and grace?",18
"Spiritual Maturity and Immaturity",18
"What are Unbiblical Churches Interested In?",18
"Identity, Pride, and Grace",18
"Why Jesus Said that Followers of Christ Will Be Thrown into Hell",18
"INTERSTELLAR Movie Review, Part 2",18
"Billions of People are Going to Hell",18
"Lordship ""Salvation" False Gospel BLACKLIST -VIDEO, Part 1",18
"It All Boils Down To This",18
"Stupid, Evil People? But... I'm Not?",18
"How to Have a Joyful Christmas, Not a Suicidal One",18
"The Most Important Lesson For Everyone",18
"(unknown or deleted)",18
"John MacArthur and Many Other False Prophets",17
"Another Dream about My Mother as a Young Girl",17
"Eternal Salvation vs. Practical Sanctification, Or--Why Are So Many of Us True and Saved Christian Believers So Sinful and Nasty?",17
"Art or Ego?",17
"The Lie of Lordship Salvation",17
"Pastor Sunshine",17
"Excerpt from “Our Problem with Grace,” by Michael Spencer",17
"20 Ways Lordship Salvationists Misrepresent the Free Grace Position",17
"By Far, My Single Most Read Post (About 400 Views)",17
"(unknown or deleted)",17
"Needlessly, Most People are Justly Going to Hell to Pay for Their Sins, and Will Suffer Fear, Excruciating Pain, and Despair For All Eternity, Forever Excluded from the Loving and Comforting Blissful Presence of God",17
"Bible Verse: Literal or Figurative?",17
"Why the World Hates Jesus",17
"Repent and Believe—What Does It Mean? - Renee Roland Video",17
"When I am Weak: Why We Must Embrace Our Brokenness and Never Be Good Christians",17
"(unknown or deleted)",17
"Leo Buscaglia - Death Is Inescapable",17
"What Is a False Teacher?",17
"What Is Biblical Salvation?",17
"Do All Good Works Come from a Spiritual Connection With God?",17
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"Are You a Good Person?",16
"Join Biblical Grace Christian Fellowship in Colorado Springs, CO",16
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"What to Do to Be Blessed",16
"Prayer to Kill Fear, Anxiety, Worry, & Depression",16
"You Might Be a Lordship Salvationist, If...",16
"(unknown or deleted)",16
"The Four Perversions of Grace",16
"“The Difference Between Belief, Opinion, Fact, and Truth""",16
"#1201 (untitled)",16
"The Delusion of Romantic Love",16
"The Eternal Security of the Believer in Jesus - Dr. J. Vernon McGee, Blessed Teacher of Biblical Grace, Now in the Presence of Jesus",16
"GRAVITY --The Second Review",16
"What Is Love?",15
"Calvinism Defeated Once and For All (Do not be deceived. Do not look on superficial appearances or impressions. Steven Anderson is loud and righteously angry sometimes, sometimes sinfully angry and sinfully hateful from the pulpit, but he preaches the Bible truth about salvation, clearly, accurately, and consistently. - C.S.)",15
"Good People and Believers Have a Problem",15
"What Do Lordship Salvationists Believe In?",15
"What About Other Religions and Faiths and Spiritualities?",15
"(unknown or deleted)",15
"""The World's Leading Authority"? Really?",15
"Be Wary of the Salvation Message of ALL So-Called Christian Churches",15
"Martin Luther Taught a False Gospel",15
"Painful Emotions from Movies and News",15
"(unknown or deleted)",15
"What Do You Worship?",15
"The Threat of Halloween",15
"My Favorite Bible Verses About Salvation",15
"Why Lordship Salvation False Gospel is from the Pit of Hell",15
"Inner Qualities of the Soul",15
"God's Simple Plan of Salvation, by Pastor Fred Porter",15
"About Baptism Into Water",15
"The Problem with Many People in the Free Grace Movement",15
"How Bad Was This Year’s Flu? Here’s How Bad.",14
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"(unknown or deleted)",14
"False Religions",14
"(unknown or deleted)",14
"(unknown or deleted)",14
"Why Jesus Said Many People are On the Highway to Hell",14
"How To Be An Atheist",14
"(unknown or deleted)",14
"Haegt, Kemur Ljosio",14
"(unknown or deleted)",14
"What is the Main Thing that God Wants Us to Do?",14
"How Do We Know Our Faith Is True?",14
"#1195 (untitled)",14
"Are We All God's Masterpieces?",14
"(unknown or deleted)",14
"(unknown or deleted)",14
"Crude, Simplistic Christianity",14
"Near Death Experience Deceptions",13
"How to Identify a Lordship Salvation False Gospel Preacher -VIDEO",13
"What Is Your Highest Value?",13
"(unknown or deleted)",13
"“Forests” Gorgeous 4-Minute Nature Video",13
"James 2: Faith without Works is Dead. What Does This Mean?",13
"God's gift to you: total forgiveness of all your sins, HEAVEN guaranteed when you die, a new good person identity in Christ, and communion with God's loving Spirit.",13
"(unknown or deleted)",13
"(unknown or deleted)",13
"Is God a Trinity? (Bible Verse)",13
"Why People Doubt Their Salvation",13
"Are You ~Assured~ That You Will Go to Heaven When You Die? [2 mins, 13 secs]",13
"""No One Believes in Nothing"",13
"""The Death of Summer" Lyrics by C.S.",13
"Problems with the Nicene Creed",13
"Spiritual Maturity vs. Spiritual Immaturity",13
"Why Some People Won’t Receive Love from Other People",13
"Sodom and Gomorrah Today: Burned Sulphur",13
"Curtis Harold Smale Nature and Outdoor PHOTOGRAPHS",13
"Nowhere in the Bible",12
"Happy Halloween",12
"This Drunk Girl Is Saved. She Believes the Biblical Gospel. Ray Comfort Speaks With Forked Tongue—Contradictions — VIDEO",12
"You Are NOT Sanctified (Made Holy) By Your Good Behavior -Renee Roland VIDEO",12
"The Spiritual Danger of Church Membership",12
"The Moment of Saving Faith",12
"(unknown or deleted)",12
"All Near-Death Experiences I Have Heard About Have a False Gospel. Video by Renee Roland.",12
"My Open Letter to Peter Kreeft",12
"Why I Am a Young Earth Creationist",12
"They Don't Believe in ""Faith Alone." They Don't Believe Jesus' Death, Burial, and Resurrection is Enough for Their Salvation. They Don't Believe Eternal Life is the Eternal Possession of the Believer. This is Why They Do Not Have Assurance of Salvation.",12
"How Can I Experience God's Love?",12
"That's My King! Moving 3-Minute Video About Who Jesus Is",12
"Assurance of Salvation",12
"Lordship Salvation Blacklist—VIDEO — Part 1",12
"Renee Roland’s 1st Video: One of Her Very Best. Lordship Salvation False Gospel",12
"(unknown or deleted)",12
"“What Does it Mean to “Repent and Believe”?” by C.S.",12
"Where Does it Say in the Bible that God Created the Angels?",12
"(unknown or deleted)",11
"Are You Doing Wise Things?",11
"The Heresy of Bob Wilkin and the Grace Evangelical Society",11
"Fallen Angels (Nephilim) Procreating with Human Women — Fascinating —Renee Roland Video",11
"Feminism Is Destroying Society",11
"4 Things Every Religion Has a Doctrine About",11
"Video - Taking Time... Seeking God in Prayer, Communion with God,  Confessing Our Sins, and Willing and Doing the Will of God in Order to Grow Spiritually (Practically) in Grace, and Christlikeness, by Faith in Him, as Children of God, in Christ",11
"The One Question All Atheists Fear — VIDEO",11
"(unknown or deleted)",11
"Jesus Healed Me of Suicidal Depression--Instantly and Permanently",11
"My Five Distinctive ~Biblical~ Beliefs, Not Preached by Most ""Christian" Church Groups, by Curtis Smale",11
"The Heretical “Message of Life” Preached by Bob Wilkin and the Grace Evangelical Society",11
"You! Forgive, or God Will Torture You Here on Earth - Poster",11
"Union with God",11
"John Steinbeck's Letter to His Son About Romantic Love",11
"VIDEOS that Refute Atheism, Macro -Evolution, Millions of Years, and More",11
"My Correspondence with Roman Catholic (and C.S. Lewis Scholar) Dr. Peter J. Kreeft. Here you can see that ultimately, and very quickly, Christians and Roman Catholics do NOT have the same faith for eternal salvation. —C.S.",11
"Women, Ethnicity, and Violence",11
"From a Former Lordship Salvationist...",11
"(unknown or deleted)",11
"(unknown or deleted)",11
"Peaceful People",11
"“What About All the People Who Never Heard about Jesus?”",11
"Satan's Masterpiece Deception",11
"(unknown or deleted)",11
"The True Gospel Offends the Pride of Self-Righteous People Who Want to be Saved by Being “Good People” — VIDEO",11
"Good Reasons for Believing in Jesus",11
"How To  Identify a False Prophet -Steven Anderson - Video",11
"PROOF that Most Christians DON’T Believe in Jesus, (and are NOT Saved) — VIDEO by Bonnie Lou [Great String of Bible Verses Proving How the Salvation by Works False Gospel Has Been Around Since Cain and Abel]",11
"Are You a Sinner By Nature, Like Me?",11
"You Might Be a Lordship Salvationist If... (Part 1)",11
"Jesus Said There Will Be Many False Prophets",11
"What Will Happen to You in the After-Life Judgment?",11
"I am in 1,000% Agreement with This Wonderful, Warm, Simple, ~Biblical~ Explanation of How to Be Saved, by Dave Hunt, Blessed Man of God, Now in the Presence of the Lord Jesus - VIDEO",10
"Thoughts on “Repentance,” by Curtis Smale",10
"Why Doesn't Everyone Believe in Jesus?",10
"Offensive Grace Word Problem",10
"(unknown or deleted)",10
"What Should We Do If We Love God?",10
"(unknown or deleted)",10
"What Is The Symbol of Christianity?",10
"Jesus Deals with Lordship Salvation Hypocrites —VIDEO",10
"End Times Bible Verses - List",10
"There Are Only Two Faiths in the World",10
"11 Great Audio Sermons Under, “Old Fashioned Bible Preaching” Listen to the Repentance Sermon by Hank Lindstrom",10
"John MacArthur Is a False Prophet -Video",10
"(unknown or deleted)",10
"Salvation vs. Sanctification, Simplified",10
"Positivity is Not Synonymous With Goodness",10
"Are You Afraid of Death? If So, Read This",10
"For believers in Jesus who think they can “not forgive” others. God will torture you. Here is the Bible verse.",10
"Exertion Poster",10
"Water Baptism Is NOT Part of Salvation - Poster",10
"What Is Empathy?",10
"Lordship Salvation Appeals to The Self-Righteousness of Man - Video",10
"(unknown or deleted)",10
"Do You Want to Go to Heaven or Hell When You Die?",10
"Eternal Life for You",10
"Lordship Salvation Blacklist, Part One",10
"Ancient Fulfilled Prophecies of Jesus and Events in His Life",10
"Curtis Smale PHOTOGRAPHY",10
"The Return of the King: When Jesus Comes Back to Earth -Poster",9
"Identifying Lordship Salvation",9
"Hitler & Calvinism: Parody Video",9
"Billions of People are Going to Hell: The Reality of Hell — VIDEO",9
"Eternal Salvation, The Forgiveness of All Your Sins, A New Perfect Self, The Indwelling Spirit of God, and Heaven Guaranteed",9
"Michio Kaku vs. Neil deGrasse Tyson",9
"(unknown or deleted)",9
"Why do some saved believers in Jesus not grow spiritually?",9
"How to Get Into Heaven When You Die - VIDEO of Curtis Smale",9
"Many Will Seek To Enter Into Heaven, And Shall Not Be Able, by David J. Stewart",9
"(unknown or deleted)",9
"If You Want to Know...",9
"Lordship ""Salvation" False Gospel BLACKLIST -VIDEO, Part 1",9
"What Is a Narcissist?",9
"I Have Never Heard a Near Death Experience Story that Told the True Biblical Gospel of Grace (Here is ~3 Minute Video on This From Dave Hunt) —C.S.",9
"Rehearsal for Death",9
"(unknown or deleted)",9
"Who Or What—Do You Value Above Everything?",9
"The Gift of God Is Eternal Life, by Kent Hovind — Wonderful VIDEO",9
"How to Make Fake Friends",9
"Husbands Do Not Have to Earn Their Wife's Submission by Loving Them",9
"Snobby Bible Teachers",9
"My ""Before Watching"--and "After Watching" MOVIE REVIEW Site",9
"Louie Lordship Animated Cartoon, Part Two",9
"Communion with the God of All Comfort",9
"Is Faith a Gift from God?",9
"100 Words. 47 Things.",9
"Righteousness vs. Self-Righteousness",9
"Lordship Salvation Cartoon - Video",9
"What is ""Sonder"?",9
"Jesus in Every Book of the Bible -Video of a Young Boy (Who is That Kid?) Reciting Who Jesus is in EVERY Book of the Bible.",9
"Perfect People Who Have Never Done Anything Wrong Feel Very Confident in Judging Others",8
"""You Only Live Once"? Is This True?",8
"53 Things that Happen Immediately When a Person Believes in Jesus",8
"What I’m coming to see about people, and about Christian people in particular, and about myself...",8
"Does God Want Everyone Saved?",8
"Wrong Ideas",8
"Some people cannot be loving and tender",8
"Fernando Ortega: “Give Me Jesus” Music Video",8
"(unknown or deleted)",8
"The Biblical Answer to the Offensive Grace Word Problem",8
"I Don’t See Jesus in Most Christians —Renee Roland Video",8
"Being Good, In Christ",8
"(unknown or deleted)",8
"Leave Some Comments in the Reply Section",8
"Christ is Risen - Bible Passage Salvation Assurance Poster",8
"Preachers who Preach a False Gospel are Anathema-Cursed by God According to Galatians Chapter One",8
"Jesus Only Is Our Salvation",8
"How to Be Saved from the Wrath of God for Your Sins",8
"How to Receive Eternal Salvation Right Now",8
"The Christian Art My Mother Put Up in My Boyhood Home, by Curtis Smale",8
"Martin Luther Was A False Prophet",8
"NIV False Gospel Poster",8
"The Cure for Doubting Your Salvation",8
"Absolute Knowledge that God Exists",8
"Abiding Restfully in the Love and Word of God",8
"Live by the Spirit",8
"Some People With Zero Good Works are Saved and Going to Heaven",8
"(unknown or deleted)",8
"The Evergreen Motel",7
"I love Jesus. More importantly, He loves me. C.S.",7
"A Prayer for Many Things",7
"How to Get Saved Right Now.(A Short Soul-Saving Evangelistic Presentation), by C.S.",7
"Maternal Narcissism",7
"Why Are Movies Today So Bad?",7
"Nothing Will Make You Happier...",7
"Confessing My Sins and Nastiness: the Way to Spiritual Growth",7
"God's Imagination is Bigger Than Yours.",7
"Salvation by a Moment of Faith in Jesus",7
"""So, What Do You Do?"",7
"May God Now Keep You in Perfect Peace of Mind & Soul",7
"(unknown or deleted)",7
"I Laughed Hard Reading this Satire of “Christianity” Website!",7
"(unknown or deleted)",7
"(unknown or deleted)",7
"What Is This?",7
"The Sacred Truths of Your Heart",7
"(unknown or deleted)",7
"Christianity Solves Terrifying Problems of Reality",7
"""There is no such thing as not worshiping." - David Foster Wallace",7
"Liars Don't Believe You",7
"Can Salvation Be Lost?",7
"Is There Objective Quality in Movies?",7
"(unknown or deleted)",7
"Soli Deo Gloria — Glory to God Alone. God Has Blessed Grace Insight and Art Christian Gospel Blog Worldwide —Stats Over the Last 4 Calendar Years",7
"(unknown or deleted)",7
"I Disagree with PETA",7
"(unknown or deleted)",7
"My Two Greatest Insights",7
"I Will Rise from the Dead, and So Will You - Poster",7
"Loud Woman Tells Italian Roman Catholics They Are Going To Hell",7
"You Have Worked So Hard",7
"Imagine There’s No Heaven...",7
"Does God Love People Who are Suffering in Hell?",7
"Does God Have a Plan for Reforming America and the World?",7
"False Gospels of “Repent of Sins” and “Lordship Salvation” by Renee Roland YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS ONE. I have probably watched this 5 times. Awesome! CS",7
"How to Cure Addiction",7
"The Roman Centurion of Great Faith, Played by the Lovable Ernest Borgnine — VIDEO",7
"21 Supremely Important Theological and Spiritual Truths",7
"Telling Secrets",7
"The Awful, and Wonderful, Truth",7
"Doubts, Trouble, & Stress",6
"Who You Are, In Christ",6
"(unknown or deleted)",6
"Repentance - 3 Minute Video",6
"93 Words: ""Magic Markings," by C.S.",6
"An Example of a Person Who Believes in and Defends Self-Righteous “Salvation” by Works",6
"""Will God Supply All My Needs?"",6
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