John Calvin’s T.U.L.I.P. –Revised!

This is my revision of, and almost total disagreement with (historical theologian and Martin Luther contemporary) John Calvin’s T.U.L.I.P. acrostic (Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace and Perseverance of the Saints)

T–disconnecTion of man from God because of sin. (Lostness.) But man obviously still has a conscience and the ability to do human-sourced good works of civic righteousness and to freewill-choose, though he cannot choose God or Jesus without God’s calling and enablement, which God, who is the Spirit of God, who blows around like the wind, gives to every human soul that has ever lived.

U–God’s Unconditional choosing of love for His Elect–specific individuals were chosen for salvation before the foundation of the world. Christ died for the sins of every last human soul that ever lived. God, who is love, therefore reaches out to everyone. His Elect are those who believe by His grace and leading, who are foreknown and forechosen by God in His omniscience. (God calls everyone to Himself. Most refuse.)

If we are saved, it is all of God’s grace. If we are damned, it is entirely of our own rejection of God and/or Christ, specifically. God gives to each man the measure of faith to possibly savingly believe. Whoever calls on the name of God, “have mercy on me a sinner,” goes down to his or her house justified, and, as such, is sealed and irrevocably saved.

Sadly, most people, the overwhelming majority, “the world,” reject God and will be in the Lake of Fire in eternity.

But no one can say they did not have the opportunity to be saved, with or without the witness of the overt preaching of the eternal Gospel.

And, eternal torment is never more than what is deserved, but is exactly what is deserved.

L–un-Limited Atonement of Christ for the sins of all mankind–the entire world. God so loved the world. (see John 3:16). If God had merely so loved His people, He would have said that. God wants all people to be saved. God, obviously, does not always get what He wants. In the case of the salvation of human souls, only a “few” are saved. Only the “remnant” is saved. The overwhelming majority of people, “the world,” –are not saved for the simple reason that they do not want God. 

I–A word found in the dictionary under the letter “I.” (Certainly people can resist God–Jesus righteously complained that the unbelieving Jews were resisting Him to His face because of their hard hearts.) They did not come to Jesus for salvation not because they were unable, but because they would not. It was their will not to come to God. 

To say that those who will savingly believe find faith in Christ “irresistible” is meaningless. Those who believe do not ultimately resist. Those who resist without believing are not saved.

Those who savingly believe are blessed by God’s grace.

PPreservation of the saints, all the way to Heaven. Saints are those who, so says the Bible, have once believed in Jesus and are irrevocably saved and sealed by the Holy Spirit, regardless of possibly zero visible or invisible spiritual fruit in their lives.

–Curtis Smale