Why I DON’T Recommend You Get Involved with a “Bible Believing Church.”

If I was talking to a new believer, I would never recommend for them to get involved in “a Bible believing church.” Not today. Not anymore. From my and others’ estimates, the chances are overwhelming, about 95%, that you would be recommending that person to go to a church that will teach them their own good works for salvation. Or repentance of sins, making a commitment to Christ, discipleship, water baptism, rituals, or perseverance in discipleship for salvation.

Now, even if they believed in Jesus and not their good works, and did have eternal life and were saved, they still would most likely be in a church that would be leading them down a fearful, frustrating path.

The thing to do would be to recommend to them lots of Bible reading, especially the New Testament, and to find a church (extremely much more difficult than you imagine) that preaches the true biblical Gospel of the grace of God, and is loudly against Lordship Salvation, the number one False Gospel deception in the world.

Curtis Smale