Christianity Solves Terrifying Problems of Reality

“The faith that solves our deepest problems and anxieties about life is simple: God is the Source of life and love and meaning. God created the world. God gave the Moral Law–which no one can break with impunity. Jesus is the answer to man’s problems with God and sins: the only way back to union with God is through the forgiveness provided by Jesus. Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life of love and holiness. He suffered and He died on the cross, and He rose from death on the third day. God will save all who, recognizing their sins, call on God for forgiveness. To those who do, no matter where they live, or when they lived, He gives forgiveness of all sins (past present and future), a new identity as a child of God, eternal life, a spiritual connection with God, and Heaven guaranteed, through Christ. To those who reject God’s forgiveness, God will eternally punish in the wrath of His holy justice–for sins committed.”

–Curtis Smale