What I Believe

So, what is it that I believe about Jesus?

What is it that I believe about salvation? What is it that I believe about the afterlife? What is it that I believe about the forgiveness of sins and eternal life?

I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the Second Member of the Holy Trinity of God. I believe that Jesus was born of a virgin. I believe that Jesus lived a perfect, sinless, holy, and loving life.

I believe that out of unfathomable love, Jesus died on the cross for all of my sins and that God accepted His death as the propitiation or washing away of my sins. I believe Jesus was buried. I believe that Jesus rose again on the third day.

I believe in Jesus. I believe in the Son of God. I believe in His Name. I believe in His Person and in His Work.

I believe in His death on the cross for all of my sins according to the Scriptures, in His burial, and in His resurrection according to the Scriptures.

Without Jesus, I would be in Hell the moment I die because my unforgiven sins would demand God’s justice.

I believe that because Jesus did these things for me that I have eternal life. I am destined for Heaven.

My salvation is all of Jesus and none of me.

My good works contribute nothing to my salvation.

My sins, past, present, and future, are all forgiven and I am a new creation in Christ.

I have been crucified with Christ and raised with Christ.

I am in Christ and Christ is in me.

I am a child of God by His grace, by faith, by the Word, and by His Spirit.

The moment I die I will be in Heaven with Jesus my Savior my God and my Lord to experience everlasting life in Heaven and on the New Earth. Amen.

Curtis Smale


Believe in the God-Man Jesus as Savior–Crucified for All of the Sins of Everyone, Buried, And Resurrected; Love with God’s Love; and Forgive, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, as a Child of God, Who Is Your Heavenly Father

If I needed to sum up what Christians and churches should be, these three things would be it.

Of course, there is Bible study, prayer, evangelism, worship and fellowship, and many other things, but based on the Bible, if I could pick three things that are really needed, these would be those.

Today’s churches focus on Lordship Salvation False Gospel, attendance–large crowds, theologically deficient ego-rock for songs, Family focus (what about all the single people like me?), Money and Entertainment and Politics.

My guess is Jesus is ready to spit many of them out of  His mouth after getting a taste of what they are doing. (see the book of Revelation)

Curtis Smale

“What I Believe,” by Curtis Smale

What I Believe:

GOD: Holy Trinity: God is Three Persons in One Being: God.
The Trinity is God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit.
There are Three Persons in One God. God is Self-Existing (Aseity.)

CREATION: God created the universe in six 24-hour days about 6,000 years ago.

SIN: Humanity fell into sin by disobeying God in the Garden of Eden.

ANGELIC BEINGS: There is a real person, Satan, who tried to usurp God’s authority and became evil, taking many angels with him. Angels are usually invisible.

There are many good angels that did not fall into evil and rebellion against God.

God chose individuals throughout history to represent Him: Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Isaiah, and others.

FLOOD: God destroyed most life on earth in a global Flood, saving only Noah and his family to restart humanity.

LAW: God instituted the Law under Moses, which was a system of rewards and punishments. Also, God instituted animal sacrifices to cover the sins of His Old Testament people in advance of the efficacious sacrifice of Christ Jesus Himself on the Cross.

FAITH: Abraham was “the father of faith,” believing God through very difficult circumstances.

SCRIPTURE: The Bible, 66 books, was written by men who were inspired by God over many years. The Bible is inspired, inerrant and infallible, and is preserved by God.

ISRAEL: Jacob’s children, the children of Israel, were God’s Covenant people in the Old Testament. This was the people which contained the human ancestors of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

SALVATION: Jesus Christ is true God and true man. Out of love, God sent Jesus to rescue mankind from its awful hellish destiny apart from Him.

Jesus’ sinless life, sacrificial death on the cross for the forgiveness of all sins, His burial, and His resurrection, are the Gospel: 1st Corinthians 15:1-4. Anyone who believes in Jesus as Savior even for a moment, has forgiveness and eternal life (justification), and is irrevocably destined for Heaven at death (eternal security).

SANCTIFICATION: By faith in Christ who is our perfect goodness (Sanctification), believers are made holy in practical life (growing in Grace).

END TIMES AND ETERNITY: Jesus Christ will return to Earth to judge humanity, resurrecting everyone from the dead, sending believers to Heaven and unbelieving sinners to Hell to be justly punished forever in eternal and everlasting conscious punishment, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for their unforgiven sins.

Believers will live forever with Jesus in Heaven and on the remade new Earth, Jesus and believers, and Heaven and Earth, united together.

–Curtis Smale