False Predictions of The Return of Christ

False predictions are a scandal to the return of Christ. The Bible says that “no one knows the day or the hour” of The Return of the King to judge the sins of the world, but that doesn’t mean we cannot know the season, or general time of the end.

That September 23rd sign in the stars may have been the sign described in Revelation 12, or maybe not. The nature of prophecy is that it gets clearer as time goes on.

Jesus can return at any time. It can happen only once. It has always been a matter of faith. Jesus said He would return “quickly,” that is, with speed.

The waiting for the return of Jesus in power and glory has spread across almost 2,000 years. But we are also told not to mock. The Bible says that people would say, “When is the sign of His Coming”? Then, one of these days, He returns suddenly.

The Bible also compares the return of Christ to Noah’s building of the Ark, and the people mocking him for building a huge boat on dry land, far from water. The Bible says that the flood water came suddenly and took them all away and drowned them all.

The Ark was a symbol for Jesus. If you are “in Christ” by faith in Him, you will be saved from the deadly flood waters. The flood waters are a symbol of the judgment of God on sinners and sin.

You will be saved from God’s judgment on yourself for your sins if you believe in Jesus as Savior, who was crucified for all sins, died, was buried, and who was resurrected on the third day.

Curtis Smale