Spiritual Insights of a Lifetime

Believers in Jesus are justified (declared righteous) irrevocably and forever through a moment of faith in Christ.

God is love, but he is not only love: God has grace ~and~ justice.

Spiritual baptism into Christ happens instantaneously, invisibly, and automatically, when someone believes in Christ. This is the saving baptism, not water baptism.

Salvation for the person who has once ~believed~ in *Christ*, even for even a moment, ~cannot be lost~.

Realizing your identity in Christ, by faith, allows you to live as a righteous, holy, good, and loving person, but you cannot do it perfectly.

Believers are crucified with Christ, and we are resurrected to life with Christ.

Living in God’s love allows us to love others and ourselves.

“Living by the spirit” means following the Holy Spirit in your ~spirit~, not primarily your mind or emotions.

Practical sanctification (holiness) happens through knowing and believing God’s Word, and obeying God as a child of God.

Spiritual fellowship is a spiritual thing with God and with other believers.

God’s Word is infallible and inerrant.

Jesus said there would be many false teachers ~among you~.

If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.

Soul vs. spirit–there is a difference.

Our soul is our self-awareness, identity, thoughts, emotions, moods, will, memories, preferences, imagination.

Our spirit is our sense of reality, conscience, intuition, communion with God, our spiritual organ of knowingness.

Subtle ~Distinctions~ are absolutely essential in theology.

Spirituality is a matter of quality, not quantity—source, not counting external actions.

Belief in God’s truths and acceptance of reality, gives you inner peace.

The fruit of the Spirit comes through faith and following, by God’s grace.

The regular confession of your sins is important to spiritual growth.

All of the world’s religions are based on human good works “righteousness” and self-justification.

Christianity is based on faith in Jesus.

God can do miracles: He created the cosmos, and He created man fully formed—about 6,000 years ago.

Millions and billions of past years do not exist.

“Revelation”: God can reveal His word and His will to you.

Healing: God still heals, miraculously.

The presence of evil exists in the world. Attacks from evil spirits are a real phenomenon for the Christian believer.

The presence of God and the presence of good exists in the world.

You can experience the presence of God, in prayer, communion and at worship with other believers.

God cursed this world because of man’s sin.

God was mostly ~hidden~, during Bible times, also.

Anyone, anywhere, at any time, has the opportunity to be saved. God’s Spirit is everywhere. The Bible says the Spirit is like the wind. The Bible says the soul who seeks will find.

The Bible says that everything that does not come from faith is sin.

There are unbelievers who are externally morally good and kind. They are incapable of spiritually pure internal motivations, as they are not spiritually alive, and are disconnected from the Spirit and love of God, because they do not have saving faith in Jesus.

God’s Grace, The Word of God, the Holy Spirit, the indwelling Christ, our spirit, faith, love, and obedience are essential to spiritual growth.

The many and the few: comparatively few people will be saved. Few will receive eternal life. Few will know Jesus. Few will enter Heaven.

The reason most people will not be saved is that they do not want God—they want to be their own God, or they have something else they worship as God.

The ~blessings~ talked about in the New Testament are primarily ~spiritual~.

Deep ignorance of the Bible is widespread among educated believers and church leaders.

American churches are mostly not open to biblical rebuke.

“Be nice and the Bible says whatever I want it to” is not biblical.

Jesus said that He rebukes and chastens those He loves.

False teachers overpromise what God promises.

Faith in God’s promises changes your life.

Confessing your sins to other believers is commanded in Scripture.

Trusting God creates a happy, secure life.

Coveting is an acceptable American sin–but it is against God’s will.

Worshipping money and ultimately trusting in money is idolatry.

Repentance means “change your mind.”

Distorting the will of God into what I want it to be is not the way to follow God.

“Prayer” is different than “communion with God.”

Jesus’ love in redemption is the most important thing there is for humans.

Curtis Smale