“Let Me Tell You About My Dad,” by C.S.


I now realize that my Dad is really a very adventurous guy compared to most people. It kind of ticks me off that people seem to ignore this huge fact about him. It is easy to see people in several different lights, to see them in the way you want to see them, but you get a wider view of people as you get older. One of the things about my Dad is that mountains, the ocean, grizzly bears, mountain goats, float planes, helicopters, glider planes, 747 airplanes, boats, trains, guns, bows and arrows, huge natural locales, distant cities, and sheer cliffs were never far way, and if they were far away–he went out to meet them. In some ways, my Dad, throughout his life, has been like Indiana Jones, definitely on a quest for adventure. Look at Harry Smale, he even looks a bit like Harrison Ford from a side angle, and he is only four years older and probably in better shape than Harry Ford, who is still playing Han Solo and Indy today. In a way, this poster is just a trailer for some of the stories I’m going to tell about the adventures I’ve had with my Dad.
–Curtis Harold Smale

Photo by Curtis Harold Smale