Killing the Grim Reaper!

I am curious how strong this is in your mind. I am getting a little older now, age 52, and people are kind of dropping dead left and right, and it creates a sense of anticipation for a believer who knows that at any moment he can have a heart attack or a brain hemorrhage and be in the eternal presence of Jesus in eternal bliss—everlasting joy and happiness!

If fully and constantly and largely realized in your mind, it really puts a damper on a downer attitude don’t you think? Kind of hysterical!

Death, and then everything you ever wanted, fully and forever realized, more than you can imagine, the moment after!

And then a glorified eternal body that defeats the Grim Reaper… forever!

Curtis Smale


Is that Person Really Resting in Peace?


“Resting in Peace”?

Not to be insensitive, but I don’t like to hear that people who did not receive God’s forgiveness, salvation and new spiritual life in Christ, are somehow, “finally at peace” when they die.

Those without Jesus all their lives and at death, are NOT “at peace” in death. To say that is to tell a deceptive lie of the devil designed through falsehood to please our emotions in a time of great stress and sorrow.

Where Are They Now?

I know to some this sounds cruel, but if you knew what unbelievers in the afterlife are suffering right now, you might want to scream the truth as you would to a man about to walk into traffic and die a horrible death.

If you love people, you warn them with the intent that they do not experience the awfulness of Hell.

If you love people, you do not want them to be in hopelessness and fear and sorrow, here or hereafter.

People who have rejected Jesus as the God-man Savior are conscious and they still exist after they die, but terrifyingly, in God’s just punishment for their sins, and they are forever shut out from the love and comfort and forgiveness of God.


When I hear that a person has died, I often don’t know if they were saved, but I always pray that they were.

God have mercy.

And He has had mercy.

If only you will accept it right now, everything will change spiritually for you right now.

If you haven’t already, please believe in Jesus, the God-man, who shed His blood and died for all of your sins on the cross, was buried, and rose from the dead on the third day.

Then you will know through the Spirit of God in your spirit and conscience that your eternity will be peaceful and heavenly, and people can truthfully say that when you die, that you are at peace, comforted in the bliss of God.


John 6:47.

1st Corinthians 15:1-4.


Is “Hell” Designed to Control People?

No, I don’t think that Heaven and Hell are made-up ideas designed to control people. I believe that they are realities because the Bible teaches that they are real places that people will go to in the afterlife.

One of the thoughts I’ve had on this subject is that the life we live in this world leaves so much to be desired that Heaven does not seem like a story. It seems like the fulfillment of all human hopes and wishes. There will be no death in Heaven. There will be no sin or evil in Heaven. There will be no pain or suffering in Heaven.

Heaven will leave nothing to be desired. Infinite fulfillment.

And Hell fulfills the God’s justice.

Unfortunately, without salvation through faith in Jesus, we would also be among those who will receive God’s just punishment because of their sins.

–Curtis Smale

“You Only Live Once”? Is This True?

“So tired of hearing this unthinking lie. What Christian is there who believes the devil’s lie that this is the only life? That you only live once? Have they not heard of the resurrection of the dead and of life everlasting? 

Closely related to this lie is this one: “Now is the only time you will ever have.” 

This is wrong on at least two levels. 

One, there is a strong possibility that there will be time later.

Two, if you are a believer, you will have all eternity.

How many foolish decisions and sins have been committed because people believed either of these?

The truth is that this life ~is~ the only time before Judgment Day to do things for the Lord.” 

–Curtis Smale