The Life God Wants Eternally Saved Believers in Jesus to Live

As believers in Christ, we are eternally, irrevocably, and irreversibly saved people, sealed for Heaven By God.

We are destined for everlasting love, joy, peace, comfort, pleasure, bliss and fellowship with God in Heaven, forever and ever, beginning the very moment we die.

Let us also then live prayerfully by faith, by His grace, as children of God, living in His love.

Let us will the will of God, believe His Word, and obey His Word.

Let us live in union and communion with Him.

We are the most blessed and comforted people in the world, indwelled by God Himself.

We are people who have been and are being cleansed of all of our sins by the shed blood of Jesus.

We have also died to our sinful nature with Christ on the cross, and have been raised to a new, eternal, and everlasting life. We have the opportunity to live by faith in this truth at all times.

We believers in Christ have the holy, good, loving, kind, perfect, forgiving, righteous identity of our new self in Christ, fully loved by God our Heavenly Father.

We are clothed in the perfect holiness and righteousness of Jesus.

We live not under the Law—but we are under His grace.

We ask to be continuously filled with His love.

We follow His Spirit in our spirits, being transformed by the renewing of our minds.

We humbly and peacefully tell others of God’s love with gentleness: His unexpected free gift of permanent and irrevocable and irreversible salvation and eternal life, received in a moment of faith in His Son, Jesus.

Our salvation is all from Jesus and zero from us.

—Curtis Smale