Why Are People Afraid of Death?

“People are afraid of death because they know there is a God and they know that they are going to be punished for the sins they have done, in Hell. Death does not hold much fear in itself. It’s Hell that is terrifying. In Hell, God will never again listen to the cries of people in pain and fear and torment and despair–because they rejected Him for all eternity. Hell is what Jesus delivers believers from. It is this deliverance, bought by His pain and His blood, that makes Him a dear God and Savior to be passionately loved. Believers, in thinking about death, know that their time on earth to love and to grow and to learn and to serve, is over. But there is no fear of dying, because death is the door to Heaven. Just over that hill lies everlasting joy, eternal pleasure, and full union with the God of love, forever. God is worthy to be feared. God is holy and just. The Bible says that the -fear- of God is the beginning of wisdom. And, Paul the apostle said, that, knowing the -terror- of the Lord, we persuade people (to believe in Jesus as Savior.) And, because of Jesus’ sacrifice to save us, God is worthy to be loved. The Bible says that our good works are as good as filthy rags. The Bible says that our good works cannot save us. (see the full Bible verse for all of these references here: https://graceinsightandart.wordpress.com/2014/09/07/the-most-comforting-and-spiritually-helpful-bible-verses-ive-found-continuously-updated/ Jesus forgives all of the sins of those who believe in Him: past, present and future. Salvation is a free gift received through faith in Jesus alone. Jesus clearly said in John 6:47: “Most assuredly, I say to you he [or she] who believes in Me -has- everlasting life.”

–Curtis Smale