The Comfort and Soul-Satisfaction in the Mystery

I think the reason why so many people do not delve deeply into a study of Truth, why they don’t seek answers, is because the seeking of Truth often involves: struggle, pain, fear, suffering, effort, confusion, uncertainty, difficulty… and humility. I know this from experience.

While all answers may not be available, while ultimate answers may not be available, I think many satisfying and comforting answers are available. I know this from experience, too.

Ultimately, for the person of faith, trust in God and His intrinsic attributes of goodness, holiness, righteousness, justice, omniscience, omnipotence, grace, and mercy, and his humanness in Christ–the comforting mystery of these things, from the God of all comfort–ultimately satisfies the soul, by His Holy Spirit.

Curtis Smale



Teenage Wasteland

It could be a desire for acceptance, of course, and an unformed self-concept, but it seems the youth of today are more interested in having their ego worshipped than actually creating something of value. You can see this in their song lyrics. They are always bragging about how they’re so great, but most of these bands are one hit wonders.

The young people of today don’t seem to understand that people in the adult world do not actually worship the egos of others. We only prize actors for their ability to make us feel, and singers for their ability to make us feel, through their art.

The minute an actor or singer turns off the performance and stops giving the stimulus supply for reactive emotional pleasure, the audience will turn on them, as recently happened to Justin Bieber who recently very unprofessionally walked off the stage because people were cheering too loudly.

It is a terrible idea to try to get a healthy self-concept or self-worth from mere media exposure.

They may not know this, but the void in their soul is why so many actors and singers become addicted to drugs and alcohol and overdose on painkillers and sleeping pills.

The spiritual alternative for youth (and adults) is to turn to God in faith and to receive a new holy identity as a loved child of God through the death and resurrection of Christ.

This will give peace to the soul because there is a perfect and good identity, a new person, not in the natural sinful self, but in Christ in God.

Curtis Smale