God’s Offer: Believe in Jesus, and Be Saved from Hell. Believe not, and Be Justly Damned for Your Sins

God loves everyone. He reaches out to people to let them know of His existence through nature–through the overwhelming glory of the stars, planets, and galaxies, through tiny intricate insects and through terrifying sea creatures and fearsome land animals. Through beautiful flowers and small furry animals. He reaches out through kind and loving people, through moral truth, through history, poetry and prophecy, through pure conscience, through good art, through elevating music, through holy Scripture, through facts of the mind, through the wonders of science, through good drama, through casual conversation, through insightful dreams, through “chance” experiences and… through many other things.

To those who by His grace seek the light of the truth, He gives the gracious message of the Gospel,–His Holy, Perfect, Sinless, and Righteous Son dying a brutal death on the cross to wash away with His holy blood: our sins, evils and wrongdoings, all of them, and reunite us with God. His Son, resurrected to life, never to die again–to return one day, maybe today, to judge the living and the dead.

Jesus is the embodiment of all truth–God Incarnate in human flesh. He is the Savior. He is The Only Way to Heaven. He is the peace. He is the life. Believe in Him and be saved, be forgiven of everything past, present and future, and have a connection with God, and be destined for Heaven.

God is also the just and holy Judge, who will allow no one to get away with anything–He will punish all wrongdoing in eternity.

The greatest punishment is to be apart from Him and His peace, love, joy, and blessings. He says that Today is the Day of Salvation–tomorrow is guaranteed to no one, no matter young you are, no matter how healthy you are, and no matter how many years you might think you have ahead of you.

Please take Him up on His generous offer of salvation right now, purchased through the suffering and death of Jesus on the cross. Forgiveness, union with God Himself, and Heaven are yours immediately and irrevocably through the simple through simple faith in Christ your Savior, who died for you, paying for your sins. God bless you. Amen.

Curtis Smale